How Does Dustin Johnson Make His Golf Swing Work

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How Does Dustin Johnson Make His Golf Swing Work. This is another golf lesson video with Mark Crossfield PGA professional and Steve Buzza talking about golf golfers swing that has been sent in via marks golf app. Learn how Dustin Johnson works out how to hit golf shots from his closed or twisted club face backswing position. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips and drills from Mark Crossfield.


Barry Oakland says:

Drive, hold, release – no stalling of lower body & then flipping. Check out
Kelvin Miyahira, he understands how the body works and how we can best move
the body for the most effective swing.

golfninja says:

+Mark Crossfield Works for, would say because, DJ is clearing his left hip
a lot more actively + keeps his upper body rotating through impac…ouch
got to hurt &… longevity? When he doesn’t he blocks it right. But will
we see DJ playing as well when he gets older ????

Russell McGuire says:

Mark! love your vids mate. Can you elaborate a bit more and explain players
such as your mates in your Vlogs, but also a bit more how top PGA players
use twists and other factors, or compensations for their own swings? I
think we’d like your input in how a ‘nicklaus swing and a hogan swing
“feels” to you guys and how it may help us all.

Antonio Santa says:

DJ and Kuch make the shut club face work because they rely on using their
body to get through the swing and do not have to worry about releasing the
hands to collect the golf ball. 

Thomas Pettersson says:

Poor Sidekick Steve – Mark just talks and talks and talks…

Craig Nichols says:

Thanks for this. I have the same issue at the top, but have made more
adjustments going thru the ball to make it work better, but it is
inconsistent, at best. Seems like I have tried everything to fix it. 

Don Forde says:

This looks like a Moe Norman inspired swing

Cole Connor says:


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