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Well its was bound to happen sooner or later and today the video didn't write got to plan and we ended up purchasing a counterfeit golf club.

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Jonny Worthy says:

These aren't fake…..could you update?

Stephen Shaw says:

I had some Ping I25 that dented easily and my club pro though they were fake as the serial numbers were hand etched. We sent them to Ping who confirmed they were genuine as they has some temporary employees hand engraving when mine were made and they actually replaced the clubs with brand new ones, excellent customer service

Tony Davison says:

GMF Done…………….Well done Mr Barlow looks fantastic there

rtm IV says:

Test them against a real one. Really curious. Bro as much stuff as you buy I am amazed you haven't been burned multiple times already.

Henry Bukowski says:

Ping changed there serial number within recent years I have a set of ping i210s that were ordered through ping that have a similar number

Paul Johnson says:

to remove the rust on the shaft rub it down with tin foil, trust me sounds daft but it works.

William Addison says:

Just found your channel…fun and useful! Have to work on my pounds to $ conversions but I'll make it. Also, remember that us yanks haven't spoken English in a century; you might slow down a bit😊

Peter Buzz says:

From what I saw on the video, not totally convinced it's a fake.
Usually the metal color and texture vary. Ping serial no stamping is all over the place.

g00nerz4eva says:

I bought a set of Ping G25 irons, 5 to SW when they first came out. Fitted at my local pro shop. I then went into American Golf a year or so later and ordered a Gap wedge and Lob wedge. The two newer clubs had a different serial number style printed on them much like your clubs. I also swear that the G and LW are not quite made to the quality of my original irons… Just a slight change in the manufacturing process to make production cheaper maybe. I reckon your club is genuine matey, just changed the process possibly.

Desolated Doom says:

Probably came from China since love stealing everything

Alex Nickson says:

I bought G400s from ping a few years ago and the serial number isn’t engraved, it actually looks more like the ones on your fake clubs! They’re definitely legit though as they were from a ping rep and have signed up for the Arccos using them?

Peter Wood says:

Intentional typo. Buy instead of by?

Simon Huss says:

Follow up I've just checked and ping have started to use laser etching for serial numbers instead of engraving them, so you definitely need to check with them to confirm validity of club

Simon Huss says:

Had many sets of pings over the years, and never seen serial number not etched into hosel before, needs checking with ping Europe. Can't believe someone has gone to that effort to fake such an intricate head, making casting moulds ect, just shows you

Antony Watts says:

I have a set of ping i210 irons 4 to pw. I ordered a 3 iron from my local pro shop to match and that came with the serial number that wasnt engraved 🤔

Andy Todd says:

I think you’ve called that fake club incorrectly, I think it’s simply made in a different factory.

JJ says:

Haha as a recent father I can relate, dad life.

Jig Da HoBo says:

Wow great video Simon! Would never spot that, would be interested to hear what Ping say about it.

steve mounsor-shaw says:

Me goes running into garage,to check my G20s,phew they have engraved serial numbers

H owser says:

Had i20s myself they definitely had a problem with the weight port on this model. PW and Gap wedge both had to repaired.

Scratch N Kicks Finds says:

that is one good set of fakes (if they are) just crazy!

Kevin Cranfield says:

I Tried to look at my local fb but struggling to find any good deals..

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