How High Should You Tee a Golf Driver? (IT MATTERS!)

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✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
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✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour


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Scratch Golf Academy says:

Do you tee high or low?

Tommy Irish says:

Like the short video's…not nearly a scratch golfer…wow what a nice course..what is the name and where is it ?

George Asmar says:

disappointed that I did not receive an email on ur advertisement

SkyHound says:

"How high" is in the title and "4:20" is the video length. Nice work ?

Joseph Hypolite says:

I tee just a bit higher than the head of my driver, works for me and I won’t be changing anytime soon.

gespiri says:

Depends how well you can hit it.

jk k says:

Great video. New subscriber!

John Gilmore says:

I try to balance my tee on a blade of grass .for me higher is better

Doctorj63 says:

I pee as high as i can!

EvryTime says:

This makes me think I am teeing it way too low with a brush-tee that I have been using for a long time….. will see if I can gain some strokes next round by using this advice. ( and try to provide feedback here if I remember. )

Martin Ramirez says:

Pro I use to loop for tee his ball as high as the tee would allow, it worked for him, and now in his late 60's still can hit a drive pretty deep!

Robert Sullo says:

Great stuff again! Thanks keep them coming

The Snookerist says:

Good advice but that title is a shocker

Jon S says:

Thanks again Adam really enjoy the channel

Robert S says:

If the content was not free, I would not bother watching.

The Tug is the Drug Fishing says:

What course do you teach at? I'm in Naples too.

Jon S says:

Teeing HiGH as hell my Dood

USMC0331 says:

Awesome video with great information! Thank you for the helpful content!

Ray Manbert says:

Gracias as always Adam!!

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