How I Learned to Swing Like Ben Hogan

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Steve King says:

Looking back on this one a couple years later…. you said you flattened your swing by thinking of putting your left hand in your right pocket…an interesting swing thought. At the end of last year I thought to myself…. stay connected….keep the upper arm connected to the chest on the backswing. This radically changed my backswing path to more inside or flat…but I combined it with a more athletic stance (more knee bend, weight on heels and more forward lean). This did something interesting… I'm not a flexible guy and before as I stood more upright, I never got my club back to horizontal. But with more forward lean and this connected backswing, I filmed it and was surprised that I was now reaching horizontal on the backswing! Another thing I notices about pros. On the backswing their hands (and you do this too Christo) go right even with the right shoulder. This backswing did this for me. I also reached a bit more for the ball on the drive and was hitting it much better. Your thoughts on all of this Christo??? Wondering if you will see this comment because the video is from 2 years ago.

Marlie Chunger says:

Christo, what does the ball flight being the ultimate judge of the swing mean to you?

Peter Tweedt says:

I saw you on tv at the fiesta bowl that hat l did a double take.

완강 says:

if you want to swing like Ben you have to swing a lot and harder everyday  hahahaha

James Adcock says:

my wife says my golf is like my sex it needs to get better do u know what that does to a man

Guitarpick1770 says:

I'm curious Christo, have you developed the same slight fade ball flight that Mr. Hogan had?

Josh Martins says:

Hey Christo! I'm almost 43 and didn't start playing until I was 40. I've improved a GHIN is currently 9.3..and have shot as low as 80..and shoot consistently between 84-86. However..I struggle with my lower body like you did. I get steep in downswing, pull down with my hands etc. Only hit it about 240 with driver. You're massive improvement , especially in your mid 40's is an inspiration to me. I'm going to read Hogan's 5 lessons asap !

Barry Soicher says:

Can you apply these concepts of copying a swing to a different model besides Ben Hogan. If so how can you do it?

Fidel G says:

Hi Christo are you pinoy? Great swing..

von volts says:

it really takes a lot of dedication and hard work to learn how to swing like Mr. Ben Hogan, my swing is a mix between bubba watson and hogan, but it works for me.

Jack Johnson says:

Christo– I dig your swing man!

Dustin Sayre says:

Just curious what your average driving distance is ?

ps4playz105 says:

Christo, your swing at 0:07 is bueno! Nice work.Very much Hogan and Jason Dufner like. What do you think of Dufner's swing? I think it has much the same principals and concepts of what you discuss, and take from Hogan's swing.

T W says:

Very nice swing you have there

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

You need to work on your short game to brake that barrier

roosterinboro says:

Christo, I really enjoy watching your vids.  I've been reading 5 Lessons since about '79-80, when I found an original hardcover copy from the 1950's on my dad's bookshelf.  I was frustrated with how I played; was about a year or so into hitting the local muni's with dad's clubs and I WAS A HACKER.  Spent the winter digesting the chapters and really digging into the book.  By spring I had a brand new golf game.  Having been a Hogan fan since that time period, I can say with confidence that you have one of the closest versions to Hogan's swing I've seen.  Good on you for recognizing there's work to be done in your own swing, because you look like you've got most of it down.  I have to ask you, however…are your irons a custom lie (flatter?)  Keep up the good work, it's a pleasure watching your golf swing.

e james says:

when you reach the top of your leg lift you want to stick your rear end out towards the plate while keeping your head steady..Most people want to bend their right leg but that's not the move.First you stick your rear out while you're extending your arms and left leg. This will give you the room to deliver the ball from a powerful inside to out motion.
Same thing happens from the top of your backswing .You shift the hips to give yourself room for the inside -out motion.

GrayGhosting says:

I finally broke down and bought his Hogan Code video.  I was somewhat reluctant for two reasons. One because I have been on a Hogan swing evolution myself for about the same amount of time as Christo and this year I finally think I have figured out all the elements of Hogan's swing and know why and how each element worked the way it did and that knowledge did not come easily.  The second reason is that I have seen all of Christo's videos and thought he might not have that much more to offer besides a nicely produced encapsulation of his swing evolution.

Having said that, while intellectually I have a very good grasp of the swing, I still have not been able to physically put all the elements together at the same time like Christo has done – but I feel I am so close.  So I thought I would take a chance on the video – if nothing else I get to hear someone talk knowledgeably and passionately about the Hogan swing, since no one I know understands or cares about such technicalities.

Anyway I bought his video and am glad I did.  It is the best explanation of a golf swing I have ever seen, especially the Hogan swing.  It is detailed and comprehensive with plenty of explanation on what, why, how and how it feels.  I would say I had already figured out 95% of what Christo is teaching but to hear it from someone who has succeeded in puting it all together into a great swing gives me confidence that my ideas are correct.  I have read both of Hogan's books and watched about every YouTube video of and about Ben Hogan but no one has put it all together like Christo in his video.  My only regret is I didn't have this video 6 years ago when I started my quest for the Hogan swing; I believe I would have gotten to this point and beyond a couple years and thousands of range balls earlier.  I am 61 yrs old and time is running out.

If you want to develop a Hogan like swing, buy Hogan's 2 books, watch lots of photos and videos of Hogan swinging and buy The Hogan Code video.  The only thing better would be to have a Hogan swing expert to personally coach you through your swing evolution – like Mr. Garcia.  Beware of teachers that draw from Hogan's swing – ala carte – sometimes just to drop Hogan's name to give validity to their teachings.   Your Mercedes isn't going to go far if you remove even one piece of the engine, and so it is with Hogan's swing.  Garnering tips and insights from around the web will take you on a circuitous and frustrating path while you try to separate the wheat from the chafe. You need to focus on one swing. The Hogan swing isn't the only great swing, but if this is the swing you want to emulate then this is THE video for you – to the best of my knowledge it is without peer. 

Oh and if you have been following this channel for years and think you have already seen all Christo has to offer – think again.  The Hogan Code represents the matured ideas of Christo's evolution – some of which contradicts his early thoughts on the swing. And the explanations are far more detailed and complete.  In short, this is easily the best investment you could make toward a Hogan swing. I think this will become a classic.

moreme40 says:

I struggle with an overly steep outside in downswing. It would make sense to make a deeper flatter backswing to make more room to swing down from the inside, but this is really tough for me. Any drills to flatten out my backswing ?

Bernd Dreilich says:

Hi christo im a subscriber and fan of your channel from germany. I have a serious swing issue with to much power through impact swinging way left and my left feet turns and comes of the ground and im not able to hit against a firm left side …causing much trouble like slices even my backswing is steep and im probably enough degrees into out. So whats the secret about the left feet gregg mchatton tpld you and firm left side. Who can i calm it down and keep the left feet still i can swing the club more out to the prefered right side. thx very much …keep up the good work

James Swartz says:

Saw some of your bombtech reviews, love your videos! I actually read Ben hogans book a couple months ago started practicing his fundamentals within a month broke 100 for the first time and broke 90 this weekend I'm stoked! every sport has fundamentals I have been playing for a year and half and never understood golf's until reading this book and it things just started to click!

Jonathan Sandor says:

Maybe if you didn't raise up and straighten your right arm so quickly, you wouldn't hit those pulls so often…. better than the old swing though…

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