How Lag Is Produced in the Golf Swing

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Peter A says:

Every book I ever read all contributed to me being a SLICER for 30 YEARS – because NO ONE clearly explained the importance of keeping your chest back as you drop down – EVERYONE kept talking about turning SLIDING LEFT and HIPS SHOULDERS as FAST as you can BLAH BLAH BLAH and GENRATIONS OF HACK SLICERS WERE CREATED….coil your body liek spring BS BS BS BS

then by some accident I came across MALASKA on YOUTUBE and all of a sudden someone made sense…24 handicap down to 10 in 2 months!!!
a few months later by accident someone mentioned you in another persons youtube channel – I check you out – and you too explain the importance of hands and arms down whilst KEEPING chest back – all of a sudden for the first time in my life – NO SLICE – almost EFFORTLESS power..

the only thing you and MALASKA have got wrong is the GRIP – the MORE RIGGHT HAND for right people the BETTER -:)

GOLF is as much a HANDS game as tennis or baseball – the last 40 years of BS teaching by BS artists has called it a torso or legs or hips or even worse a left arm – all TOTAL BS.

The hips will clear because they have to if the momentum of the club is used properly by a proper drop and as you say keep teh chest back as much as you can whilst dropping and coming from the inside….you don't even have to think about coming at the ball the right way if you do as you show in this video….

sorry if this sounded like a rant – just wanted to express to you how good what you say is for me – it works at explaining what the swing should feel like and how to generate the best position for maximum speed through the ball – and the most important thing to do if you want to swing properly with ease – just like Malaskas video too work.

thanks for your videos – cant believe you only have 6K subscribers -:)


Derek White says:

Looks like the hips are ahead? His stake might be more ball position based.

wreckim says:

Thanks Bobby…..really…you have lots of great videos/lessons…but this one might the Gold Medal winner as it is of the most misconstrued parts of the swing and almost never addressed as in "pulling down"…and even knowing what you've said doesn't mean that lag is going to be easy to come by. Bad habits die hard.

big Lbo says:

big deal.  you couldn't beat rocco if he had one arm.

gerald chessen says:

At 1:11 his right hand is virtually OFF the grip, the shaft is no longer touching the right palm. That certainly CANNOT be a good position?

Jack Johnson says:

The golfers grip is so strong how else could he hit the ball ?

Christian Schulze says:

Real good for me?

Ryan Trapasso says:

Like with Rocco's bad back, should a golfer like myself, whose spine isn't great, avoid the right shoulder going down too much/steep lag? How does Rocco avoid being OTT doing that?

Tony Payne says:

Really enjoy your style Bobby. Always makes me want to try it on the range. Shame it's 10.30 p.m. In the UK.

Dominick Kp says:

like your videos

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