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In this video, we answer the question “How many golf clubs do you need to play golf?”

We'll also discuss some of the best golf clubs for beginners and give you a few tips on how to improve your game.

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Glen Oxman says:

I liked that video a lot. Your tutorial 'chats' make a lot of sense. 👍🏼

Denogginizer says:

I would go 5W (or hybrid if you prefer), 56*, irons, putter, driver, 3W, 50* in that order and eventually maybe a longer hybrid, or 60* low bounce wedge.

James Dawes says:

From my experience it’s this mentality that destroys people enjoying the game. Tiger learnt green to tee. Putter. Best club to learn. A wedge. A middle iron. A fairway and a driver. If you are learning and hitting scores for 9 that most would be disappointed for 18 why have so many. Build it like a junior set. Callaway had stages (not ages) seems a lot smarter

videom says:

one😁 and a ball

Robert says:

i recently signed up for some beginner lessons and they said every student had to have clubs, so i started learning all about clubs on yt, and ended up ordering the following from a custom shop that has great prices and mainly caters to other custom builders:
10deg driver
18deg 5 wood
21deg 4 hybrid
28.5deg 6 iron
36deg 8 iron
44deg PW
56deg SW
mallet putter
I'm told modern irons play one club greater than they used to, so I guess that means the 6 iron should play like my old juniors 5 iron from the '80's, which is good because back then I loved that 5 iron! I would have preferred a 12deg driver, but the lefty head was only available in 10deg, but since I'm not yet 50 y.o., it's alright if I'm optimistic about learning to swing it.

KL says:

Offset 7W is a great club. Very forgiving and versatile. If you can get confident with a 7W, you will have a serious advantage over most of your buds.

Daniel Cohen says:

Thanks, Mark! Last year I played two rounds with woods, wedges, and a 7-iron while my clubs were being reshafted. It was so much fun and I shot about the same as usual – maybe a couple shots less, really. And I think part of it was commitment to the shot. Normally, if I had, say 145 yards to a flag, I'd be between clubs (between 7 and 8 in this case) and there'd be some hemming and hawing. Which probably leads to less than 100% commitment. There is no choice but total commitment when you only have one iron. 125-yard low wind ball? 7-iron. Downwind 165-yard high draw? I don't know, but I can try this 7-iron. 95-yard cut punch under a tree onto the green? Ah…7-iron! I have a bad tendency to start playing "Perfect Golf Swing" on the course instead of just playing golf. And having to be creative was both really fun for me and kept my mind focused on the stance and shape of the shot at hand. Think I'll try a half set again next round!

Zane Foster says:

When I started playing golf some 45 years ago at the age of 10 a beginner set consisted of a 1w, 3w, 5, 3i, 5i, 7, 9i and a putter. If you were lucky you may have a chipper or an old sand wedge. Times have changed and I think the game was a little easier back then. Oh and the woods were still shafted and either persimmon or laminated maple and the clubs were forged.

Jeff Fielding says:

Dr, 5W, 24, 31, 38, 45 degree irons. 52 & 58 wedges + putter.
Carry 9 clubs in total. This has been the journey I have been on since November 2021, always carrying my clubs.
Struggled a bit a first but now love the challenge of slowly getting my Hcp back to where it was when I started this journey (6.7).

Sto Ne says:

That’s why he’s the GolfGuru. Fantastic little video! For myself… in a winter round of golf I decided to take only 8 clubs with me. And I stuck with that bag til now 😉 Dr, 3h, 5h, 7, 9, SW, Putter … and my Chipper. This club really helped my short game. Still thankful that Mark was so ambitious about that super little helper. Top!!

Joe Perez says:

The game would be much less expensive to play if the USGA and R&A simply limited the number of clubs carried to EIGHT. The 8 would be up to the individual, but a balanced set up could be… Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, Mid-Iron, Short-Iron, Wedge, Sand Club and Putter.

Mark Kalinowski says:

When I play with my son, we flip a coin at the start of the round – heads=even; tails = odd. Based on the coin flip, we can only use those clubs for the entire round (even = Driver, 5wd or 3/4Hy, 6 & 8 irons, PW, SW, Putter; odd = 3wd, 3/4Hy, 5, 7, 9 irons, GW, LW/SW, Putter). – Makes for a really fun day and neither of us score any better using a full bag!

David Cole says:

For answer to Title question think it depends on the level of the Golfer. Some may only using 6 to 7 clubs. While some People might use all 14 Clubs allowed.

Jeff Asmann says:

Half set: Driver, 19 degree fairway wood, 5, 7, 9, sand wedge, and putter. All carried in a “Sunday” bag. Six balls, two gloves, assorted tees and ball marker with divot tool and an insulated water bottle. Walking as the game is meant to be played. Easy decisions on clubs and distances “5 iron is too much then use 7, or 9 iron is too little, grip down an inch or so and use a smooth 7…”etcetera. Simplifies club selection and makes for a more confident swing and faster round. I play better walking with a half set than riding with a full set.

MrPunterd says:

I like to play in the evenings with just 5 clubs and a putter. I find it really improves my ability to change shot type and manipulate the ball more. I'm just not confident enough to do it in a competition 😆

Mitchell Birch says:

I played the beginning part of this season with a half set of irons. Odds only and scored my best 18 ever. It’s a good practice in decision making and varying your swing for a specific shot.

Alan Edwards says:

Real interesting comment about the iron distances. I am one of those who struggles to get my 7 iron to go much further than my 8 iron, which is my go to club for a pretty large range of distances – I go from my 8 to my hybrids. Even in the hybrid arena I use my 31 degree then move to my 23. My 27 and 20 degree hybrids never leave the bag. I am getting new irons and hybrids soon and might build a set with this in mind and not even purchase clubs I don't need. I could always go back and get them later if need be. Some real good points and a timely review. Oh and you talked me into the Cleveland Hy-Wood and Smart Sole chipper which I love.

Lrwebb says:

This is good advice. I think what’s important now is to know your lofts. I’ve played since I was 16 but never seriously and never really knew about gear tech. I recently got some second hand Ping G irons (5-PW and added a LW) and I’ve learned about different lofts and how they’ve changed over the years. A new 7i is more like an old 6i. No matter what you buy you should be able to find out the lofts online. 25 years ago I had a set of irons 3-SW. Now, irons tend to start at a 5 or 6 and only go to a PW. Then you fill the gaps with hybrids and wedges.

P.s. 10 clubs. 3W, 4H, 5-PW, LW, Putter.

K.S. Reid says:

We have 5 club games all the time. What goes in my bag is based on the length of the par 3's, then create shots for the rest. Home course it would by 4H, 8I, 54, putter,3W. Fun to play

Bill Graves says:

I play 90% of my golf with a Sunday Bag and carry 7-8 clubs max. I rotate them and the only time I carry 8 is when I play a specific course with an easterly wind and need a 3w along with the driver. Other than that, I will carry a strong 3 and use that for tee and fairway shots if I am playing a longer course

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