This video is all about the golf swing.

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  1. I know this is what I'm doing. When I swing good it's a really gorgeous swing. Unfortunately after seeing this video, I know this is holding me back. I'm really going to have to work on getting this horrible habit out my muscle memory.

  2. This exact thing was recently pointed out to me in a lesson. The instructor told me to feel my shoulders go back as if I were using a rowing exercise machine, it helped.

  3. Today I used the set up drill where i stand straight and let my arms out in front and relax the club in my wrists and then let my arms drop into my body, and then I bend over into the ball. Hit a few like that along with making sure my arms and body stayed connected. I then realised why my back and hips were knackered, my back didn't hurt once doing that and the rest of the swing kind of fell into place like my swing plane which can be over the top. Posture I feel is very underrated. Your backs will thank you.

  4. I never considered this. Recently been struggling with ball contact. Lots of shanks and ball contact on inside of club. Videoed my swing and my shoulders are extremely rounded. This has to be contributing to it. Thanks for this. Haven’t seen anyone else discussing it.

  5. Hey Russell I found that when push my backside out and feel like I was squatting down into the ball (it felt very odd) with my chest pointing out it unlocked my hips and totally changed everything. It felt like I was sitting in a chair to me but I looked in a mirror and it wasn’t too bad. It gave me a consistent path down the inside so much easier. It made me able to get into and through the shot like I want. All from changing from being rounded to feeling like I’m sitting in a chair.

  6. Ironically there are well known teachers out there ACTUALLY teaching BAD POSTURE on PURPOSE, I find that is most likely the Worst ideas ever. I am with you Good Posture better range of Motion.

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