LISTEN UP!! This is how the right shoulder works in the downswing, and this move is MASSIVE! You will see noticeable differences with your golf swing VERY QUICKLY!

In this video, Alex Elliot Golf shows you the right shoulder movement in the downswing, and how this is done correctly using this super simple golf drill! You'll learn the big difference and what changes you need to make to your golf swing to achieve amazing results. Regardless of your current golf handicap you can implement these moves easily and see improved golf scores at your next round!!

Use this drill and start enjoy the feeling of making a pro-like golf swing that leads to more solid and consistent strikes on the golf ball!!

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  1. I tried this at the range the other day, was struggling to hit my 5 iron further than 160 yards, once I started to feel like I was getting my shoulder down I was making much more solid contact and added 30 yards on as I believe it helped me stay in posture more and I benefitted from the forward shaft lean. Should it feel like my right hand is applying pressure onto the back of the club when swinging down? thanks for the video by the way

  2. Excellent stuff, when i practise swinging this in the back yard the WHOOSH is much louder than the way I was doing it, which has to be a good sign for when I try it out on the range tomoz. And the shoulder line at impact being almost parallel with the shaft angle is a great swing thought! Thanks Alex!

  3. Hi Alex, thanks for the great videos. I get great contact with this move but my balls tend to go left. Any idea why? Also is this move help with power?

  4. Alex, I learned a lot from this video, but would have liked to see with the driver!! Longest club in the bag, so angles a little different!! Thx, Craig Fleischer…

  5. Great video, good job in simplifying the down swing with shoulders. Was just figuring out how to use my shoulders in the downswing. This drove it home , perfect timing ! Thanks Elliot !

  6. This is the secret to hitting the ball solidly. I envision going to the top of my backswing with my pelvis sticking out (poor posture) and then sticking rear end out and squatting (good posture) as I transition to downswing. This move also gives you plenty of room to clear your hands. Great video.

  7. Thank you. First video of yours I’ve watched. Great way of teaching and I relate to your technique of teaching. Congratulations you have a new subscriber.

  8. This is great! I just started doing this recently through trial and error, but did not have a clear mental picture of what i was actually doing right, more of a feeling. I just got into more of this position through backswing and contact because it felt better and performed well! Now i know i have been on the right track and will incorporate your drills into my irons as well. I was only hitting my 56 and 60 more like this, but not as exaggerated. Can’t wait to get into it with the longer irons. Thanks mate, great video!


  9. Excellent illustration! Thank you.
    A question: do I hold the wrist angles through impact? Or let the club swing/ flow through as my body turns ? Still comfused about this part/ sequence

    Thanks ?

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