HOW TO ADDRESS THE BALL – 5 Key Check Points

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This video is about How to Set Up. Danny Maude takes a more detailed look at key things to look out for.

He looks at:

1. How to grip the club
2. Posture
3. How stand the right distance away from the ball every time
4. Hand position
5. How to line up

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Enjoy the training



sachin srivastava says:

Hello sir I am not able to turn my shoulder as much they should be during backswing….
Any suggestion sir ?

Thomas Fraser says:

Yes. Yes. yes! ' Hands position inside the left thigh' is the number one tip I have ever heard on YouTube. By doing this my swing is easier to execute and head seems to naturally stays behind the ball though impact. I am now 71 years old and never once thought to place my hands in the exact same area in relationship to my lower body. From now on this will always be in my primary set up. Thanks a million.

Thomas Fraser says:

Very well explained. Great refresher to check out come spring

Leonard Dzubow says:

Danny- when I let my hands hang in the natural position they do point inward as you demonstrate- because of that my elbows point outward rather than at the hips. Do you do something such as squeezing the arms slightly together to get the elbows in a more favorable position? Thanks!

Roman García Calderón says:

When you are in position, do you have your arms dead straight ? Or slightly blend

Rod Frank says:

Another brilliant vid… Super helpful to have the basics covered so clearly

Martyngolfer says:

Great video just practiced this and it looks like I have been too tall in the set up your way feels really comfortable Cheers

Julian Roberts says:

Great to get back to basics Danny definitely saw some flaws in my set up which I never knew. Thanks for the tips

david scott says:

Faultless as ever Danny but I have just had a lesson with my Club pro.
My natural shot is a fade so rather than change my swing(which is unique to me) I have been told to deliberately line up aiming left of the target with the face of the club slightly open to this line. Swinging along my feet alignment I produced a slight fade which finished closer to the target than previously. This seems pretty obvious reading it again but it means that ,rather than aiming at the target – and trying all sorts of ways to prevent the fade – I have to accept my 'fault' and swing accordingly.
Does that make sense to you?

Tony Roberts says:

Great vids…putting vids please Danny

Jancen says:

If you are hitting a longer iron or a wood, the ball is more forward of center and closer to the left heel but where do you position the club head? Can you put the club head right in the middle of your stance or do you position it right behind the ball?

Benjamin Sarmiento says:

you're doing a very good job explaining how the a student would react at first when trying your drills or concept.

lovetogolf says:

Great lesson, thank's for your time.

Y U says:

Thank you for all the great tips

Paul Wagner says:

Danny you really know how to teach. Please tell us what beautiful city you are in. thank you

peter dean says:

Danny, brilliant video. Lots to take in but you explained things very well. Bravo

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