How To Aim Your Golf Shots

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How To Aim Your Golf Shots!
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

How To Aim Your Golf Shots

Watch this video to see how you can hit your target more consistently! 

Peter Rodriguez says:

Fantastic video. Congrats on 40K

Sven Hallauer says:

How do you deal with the following situation? I mostly play a right to
left ball flight, but my miss is a push.

Sebastian Zander says:

For my stock shot, I aim directly for the target and produce a push draw.
So I’m working on synchronizing face to path angles to shoot target. If I
want to hit a fade I most likely push fade the ball with a rather open club
face, since I find it harder to change my club path. But yes, in case of my
fade (right-handed) I aim left of target. I don’t want that for my stock

Ben Gould says:

I always struggle with aiming and I cannot wait to try this. can’t believe
something so simple as creating a point on the ground just in front of the
ball instead of looking up at the target has eluded me.

Strat TelePaul says:

Rick always aims straight and ends up left when he is reviewing clubs.

metamurph says:

Interesting, I normally align my club face to the target line and my feet
to the parallel initial path. I think of path affecting direction and face
affecting spin.

Ben Gould says:

Brilliant, something so simple as creating a point on the ground to aim at
– can’t wait to try it on my next round!

david price says:

Good tip here. But, I need to first develop a consistent ball flight before
I can do anything other than aim for the target.

Jeff Picchiottino says:

Great tip!! It’s amazing what we think of when we get to the ball and for
years I been aiming at the target and wondering what was wrong with my
swing when it went left.

John Martin says:

Great video rick. Exactly what u told me the other day

C.J. Ward says:

Another great upload Rick thanks. Congrats on hitting the 40k subs many
more to come I’m sure 

unnervingfalcon says:

I think you need to add something to this. When I’m teaching I do
everything the same as you but also they shouldn’t look at the target flag
either. If they do they will tend to pull or “over the top” to that flag
because of its their last thought. I find that right handed my students
also turn their upper body to look at the target during setup which will
always make them aim too far right. I tell them to turn their head down
the hitting line while in setup position to get the target.

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