How to Approach Severely Breaking Uphill or Downhill Short Putts?

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How should you approach a short, severely breaking uphill or downhill putt? That's the question Jerome has asked Maria of
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Maria explains that there isn't a right or wrong way and that you have two options:

1) Hit it softer and play for more break in the putt.

2) Hit the putt firmer and take away some of the break of the putt.

Maria explains that it's a personal preference depending upon what the golfer is comfortable with. But she recommends hitting the putts firm to takeaway possible spike marks or other issues around the cup that might cause a slow roller to move off its line.

However, you must judge the putt, the green and everything else and make sure that if you do miss the putt, you don't leave yourself a lot of work coming back.

So, when Maria says hit the short putt “firm” that's hard enough to take away some break, but not too hard that it leaves you a longer putt coming back.

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