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In this video, Neil Tappin explains how he organises his golf bag so that everything required for 18 holes is as easily accessible as possible. With many different pockets to choose from, knowing how to organise your golf bag can be tricky… here's how Neil does it!

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James Walton says:

Putter at the bottom 🤢

Rob S says:

What is the word you used to describe your windbreaker / sweater?

Paul Watkins says:

Don't the tees, markers and pitch mark repairer go in your pocket? Mine do

Doug S says:

I like to avoid having a tee inserted under my fingernail when reaching into my bag so I use a plastic container, like the ones replacement spikes come in, to hold tees, small sharpie, ball markers and divot repair tool. Small and easily accessed. A plastic sandwich bag for the sunscreen in case it pops open, same for bandaids.

Bandit Baker says:

Pretty much the same as my bag setup, though I also carry sunscreen (just in case it stops raining in Manchester and the sun actually comes out), and for emergencies I have antihistamine tablets (in case of wasp or Bee stings) and my GTN spray (just in case I have an angina attack or worse)

Fredrik B says:

This is pretty much like my setup. I also carry an extra batteri for the range finder and a small med kit. I carry a extra batteri after a tip from your videos and one week later in a comp it came to use 😄👍

Juan Luis Cadavid says:

which model is your bag

Chris Stevens says:

A golf expert with the surname tappin? What a coincidence that is 😂

Kjell Aasebø says:

No wonder you're skinny when you don't eat anything for 18 holes 😛

winston yong says:

I prefer my putter on top of or with my graphite shafted clubs, and I would as much as possible arrange individual irons and wedges where the leading edges touch the back of the next club instead of the clubface so the clubface doesn’t get scratched or damaged.

Lynn Scholes says:

Pity you chose a bag with so few compartments when most new bags have 13/14.

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