How To Be Consistent In Golf | Secret To Stable Impact

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Well part of the secret for stable impact is knowing where the bottom of the arc in your swing is. We show you what happens when the arc moves in relationship to the ball and how that affects your stroke. Too shallow for tops, too steep for chunks; with the correct glide impact zone your shots will be just right. Learn how to skim the grass and make those pro-like shallow divots. Set up your glide impact zone and how to be consistent in golf.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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pgb interguard says:


Stefan Wu says:

Finally learned how to golf from this instruction! Thanks!!

Sam G says:

thank you !!!

stonewallre7 says:

Clay great. Video. How do you get deep enough on the down swing to make a divot. When I do hit the ball the proper distance I don't get deep enough to make a divot. Can you help?

Paul Orbinson says:

Hey guys, I'm new but please explain how this works. I see here on set up that the club face is square at address BUT on contact the hands are about 8 inches "forward". Now if you take that position it alters the angle of the club face on impact.(the club face is more open) It has to for the two angles are different! Maybe I'm not explaining myself properly but I've noticed a marked difference there and I've wondered should I be closing the club more on set up?

MrEasternElectric says:

I love your videos but this isn't one of them. This is why most golfers are basket cases. Flat spot?Lift hands on follow through? Tilt your back on the follow through?
Your diagram makes your flat spot look about 1 foot long. Really silly. I get the basic point of you video but I think you're chasing ghosts here.

Robert McCarthy says:

Great lesson here. Important stuff. Thanks.

Luke Daniel Borel says:

I think what he means to say is that professionals or single digit handicappers produce a dynamic Swing Arc that has a larger Radius Of Curvature in the Impact Zone. If you produce the Arc with a flat spot in the Impact Area, you would feel a Big Jerk in your swing right before you hit the ball as the Arc went from being curved to being flat.

John Cole says:

Clay, do you have any Top Speed golf coaches in Dallas? LOVE your videos, but need hands-on help.

Chris Park says:

thanks for the video! One questions. Which club should I apply this secrete to? 7 iron? All of them? Thanks again~!

Man on the Grassy Knoll says:

Indeed great teacher. EXPLAINS ideas, not just stating golf cliches. I never understood "cover the ball", "hit down on the ball", etc. Happy to have found this channel.

John T says:

Clay, would you say the left shoulder moving up is what causes the hand path to go up and create the flat spot. So would it make more sense to make sure the left shoulder goes up instead of manipulating the hands?

craig cassells says:

Love the videos

Pro From Inglewood says:

a do a swing review on me , please

SaintsCheat says:

Clay is absolutely an amazing teacher for being so young. Truly appreciate these videos that are practical and actually makes SENSE. Cant thank you guys enough for these vids.

Andrew Targee says:

Shaking my head at how good your instruction is…

Sam Yoo says:

the only channel I completely rely on watching.

Ohm Skulled Coils says:

Epic video. One of the best I've ever seen on golf instruction.

Michael Murphy says:

Stumbled across your page Clay. Very helpful as I've fallen into some old bad habits but these videos have helped immensely. One needs to put in the work to get desired results. Thanks

JohnJ866 says:

6 : 45 A Ha ! Moment for me ! Thanks Clay !

hans palmer says:

I am not 100% sure what you want Me to do at the first excercise? Keep my arms across my chest and bent backvards and rotate?

Chow Jerome says:

nice video Clay. your explanation is detail and clear. love your video. do you have any slow motion shot of your iron and driver swing for front view and side view?

Suryanto Indrawan says:

Dear Clay, after watching some of your videos, I particularly love the way you explain the LAG, I try to make practice with the LAG. Good advice! Keep up the good job.
greetings from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

bagdiil says:

I really enjoy the way you explain it and the drills… Now I just gotta learn how to implement it through practice into my game. I've only played for 3 months so I really hope it isn't too late (seen alot of people having trouble with their swings already)

vietthangn says:

I found a lot of great and very detail, useful information in your channel. Thank you very much !!!!

Pete Kowalczyk says:

Such a great video

Manohar Lal Pahwa says:

Thanks excellent awareness

Alps P says:

Thanks for the video…. finally an instructor that explains things very clearly – thank you so much

Wayne Peel says:

This is a really great lesson. Thanks.

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