How to Break 90 In Golf

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How would you like to break 90 in golf?! For Beginning to intermediate players out there, and any one else looking to break 90 in golf, this video on How to Break 90 In Golf is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to 5 most important keys in the Top Speed Golf System. However, even further for most shooting over 90 all make the same errors. We'll go over what these errors are and some drills to combat them, while improving key fundamentals! So let's learn how to break 90 in golf and start having some real control of our game.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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stonewallre7 says:

This is great when will you make video to break 120, 130, and 150. These will help us who cannot get close to the 90 or 100 range. Would really like to see it. Great job.

dotatough says:

"How to break 90 in golf"

Make your putts

Saved you 10 minutes

Andy Pym says:

Any chance of some tips to help me break 117?

Douglas Ladd says:

This is the first video I saw of yours, have been watching quite a few this summer as breaking 90 was my goal. Sunday I shot an 80, my best round ever. Thank you for the videos they give me a little something to take out to the course with me.

Mike Lem says:

Clay thanks your instruction works. I normally shoot in the 90s. I put all your lessons together and shot 87 today. Much thanks! Best day ever!

Adam Wells says:

bird at 3:24…lets that speed…

touristguy87 says:

dude where is your "how to qualify for a Tour card" video?

Charles Keller says:

Got the Impact Snap yesterday. Watched a bunch of videos on using it including this one. After two hours with it, my 7 went from an anemic 135 yards to a consistent 150 yards with a few at 160 yards. These are carry distances on SkyTrak not just some numbers I made up. Then I picked up my driver and where I was averaging 185 yards carry I immediately hit 200, 200 then 215 with a club speed now at 92 to 95. I'm thinking you should do a whole video on just the proper use of the impact snap but I'm not a golf professional. 🙂

Bryon Hayes says:

love the video learned some important things, maybe i will get out of the low 90,s

Bryon Hayes says:

great video what really helped me was the swing i am coming in to steep need to practice staying on plan, starting today at the range get out of low 90,s to the high 80,s and keep on working on my game that i love to hate some of us know what that feels like.

Brandon Brame says:

Great video. Went from 105ish to now consistent 90 – 95. In about 1 month

connor schroeder says:

Great video but my game need a how to break 150 series

lilkawaiijing says:

I like the beach towel chipping drill. Thank you

Graham Streek says:

Thanks again Clay. Great drills. I've been languishing around the 100 mark for too long. Time to step it up.

charly yoo says:

Thank you Clay for your videos. Impact Snap – Kelvin Miyahira what a genius and great training device. Love these tips.

MrMIKESTER1122 says:

I just made the high school golf team as a junior and I hit in the low 80s. And I'm already playing in the first tournament against one of the toughest schools. I also shot a eagle on a 570 yd par 5

Coloradoski24 says:

Hi, I started watching your videos and enjoy all the tips you've been offering. Can you give advice on driving? proper techniques? Thanks.

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