How to Build Speed for Junior Golfers, UPDATED from VA Golf School, Be Better Golf

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Robert Osborne says:

Congrats to Jack. Well done!

Ken Royal says:

B, I replay the lesson parts in these Tony posts a lot, and then take the ideas to the range. It is amazing what can be missed at first pass. This one sent me back to view your first lessons with Tony. Found a few more gems, too.

Emil Johansson says:

Brendan, i find it very interesting how Jeff Flagg is now working with Lucas Wald and in doing so has gained more speed then with Tonys philosophy. Tony and Lucas would say the exact opposite about the swing! The hip move Tony says not to do is something Lucas promotes. And Jeff is improving with Lucas…. Thoughts???

kar wye ng says:

Great video, btw what is your review on swing caddie 2?

Russell Fothergill says:

Need to measure spin and launch too. Sc200 doesn’t do that and just estimates it.

Robert Osborne says:

The research shows that “Golf is not a rotational sport” per Tony. It would be interesting to read this research. I’m familiar with research from the big guns like Sasha Mackenzie, Chris Como, and Kelvin Miyahira, or even Lucas Wald’s work. Is Tony’s stuff biomechanical unpublished research? No one else in golf swing theory is making this suggestion ???

Paul Malone says:

The hat got to go B lol ?

Big Will says:

Good going to Jack, both on the speed improvement and the 67 (?!?!?)

Jsid-TPC says:

I will say tho B, that kid that you showed throwing the baseball isn't doing the same post as the golf swing.. he's posting up on a much different axis. Check and see how front(left) hip is on the inside of the left foot right before he releases the ball. Close but very different also

Nik Ninja says:

Never say hi to Jack on an airplane.

ranmangolf says:

Big difference, wow!

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