HOW TO CLEAR YOUR HIPS/PELVIS IN THE GOLF SWING | Paddy's Golf Tip #24 | Padraig Harrington

Last year, I published a video which focused on how the hips and pelvis function in the golf swing. This is a topic which I'm keen to spend time working on and speaking about, so this is an extension to the previous video. Take a listen as I dive deeper into the details and elaborate on key points.


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12 thoughts on “HOW TO CLEAR YOUR HIPS/PELVIS IN THE GOLF SWING | Paddy's Golf Tip #24 | Padraig Harrington

  1. I am right handed and left legged if that makes sense…and it messes up my lower body leading my swing so I tend to be an arms golfer and a 10 handicap but if I can properly control my leg and hip feel my shots are much more more powerful and accurate..thanks good video

  2. I'm a 6 handicap and shanked an entire bucket of balls yesterday and could not figure out why at the range. Came across this video last night and made turns for an hour after watching it, following exactly what he says and I've never felt a better air swing lol. Went to the range today and mimicked this video and it was instant still not perfect but this will be my default video when my game is taking an unexpected turn!

  3. I have injured my lead (left) knee playing football and falling from a ladder. Your explanation of the left leg motion during the downswing has likely helped me avoid further injury. I had seen other videos that advocate extending the lead leg and was in the process of trying to incorporate this move. Your explanation makes the correct move clear. Many thanks for making another great video!

  4. I’ve struggled recently with this transition, swaying too much from right to left. This simply is the best description about how to properly work the hips. This is the first time I’ve heard it described this way and it’s so easy to follow and practice in the living room. My consistency has greatly improved. Thank you for the lesson and best wishes.

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