How to Compress a Golf Ball Series – Loft – Video 5 of 7

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Forward shaft lean is one of the most important aspects of compression in golf. This is what allows the club head to be de-lofted and to improve your angle of compression.

In this video I will go over exactly how to get the perfect amount of forward shaft lean at impact. I will also give you a great drill on how to increase your compression and start hitting the ball first every time.

Good luck with your golf game!
Clay Ballard

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Golf Compression and Forward Shaft Lean

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Juan Lozano says:

Why don’t you just tell people to hold the club at a forward leaning angle
until after impact? There is no other way to have it in that position
without holding the club. Golf Instruction says:
FitFast8 says:

Use the bounce on the club as its supposed to be used.

brandon childers says:

Nice that sould help my chips Golf Instruction says:

Haha, I have been ran out of a few places!

Chris Tyler says:

Great Video CB! Note: Don’t get kicked out of you local golf course for
taking divots out of the edge of your practice green. Golf Instruction says:

I am glad you liked the video. The same technique will carry over to the
full swing also. Good Luck! ~Clay Ballard

mgcomedy says:

LOL! Thinking the same thing. Golf Instruction says:

Exactly, great advice for anyone! ~Clay Ballard

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