How to CORRECTLY use your left and right arm to create the PERFECT GOLF SWING

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Knowing when to use your left and right arm during your golf swing will make all the difference to shot power, trajectory and directional control. Make sure you are using the power and strength in your arms most effectively as you swing, by watching this video tip.

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Paul Stewart says:

This is like the best video ever on how it works. Everything else just feels like clickbait. Well done. Cheers

313keiko1 says:

Thanks for clearing that grey area up Natalie
It's been a bit of unsure sequence
Thanks again

Atlanta Healey says:

FINALLY, a clear and concise explanation! Thanks!

Eddy Edwards says:

I keep bending my left arm. Any tips Natalie ? Thanks Ed

Allan Gregory says:

Sorry but I don’t like the left arm straight thought. Straight means rigid for most people. Causes a wooden swing. Separating arms in the swing is not something that the average player (me included).can think of. Sorry don’t like this one.

Darren Cain says:

Seems the face is open just before impact- does the wrist need to roll over / follow through?

Darren Cain says:

Nice. Thanks. Just subbed

Paul Walmsley says:

Yes – thank you ❤️🙏

Dave McIntosh says:

Great teacher with world class rack!

Gordon Laing says:

Watched for first time and it definitely made sense- took it to the range and very quickly felt very natural and helped improve consistency with straighter flight through the clubs. Much appreciated 👍

YT Tube says:

Hi Natalie, I just recently discovered your golf channel and have been watching many of your videos,…I now improved my golf swings significantly, most importantly I fixed my slice! Thank you so much🙏

Milton Grant says:

I discovered this on my own and I had to research the use of the left arm in the golf swing. This is exactly what I felt today! Wow

The Artful Dodger says:

The golf swing is analogous to a springboard diver doing a somersault with a twist. For a right-handed golfer, the left arm guides/swings the club along the swing plane. The right arm simply cocks and then straightens back out at the elbow and the wrist, just like casting a fishing line out into the middle of a lake. The right wrist only moves up and down, never left or right. When you combine the two motions, you hit it solid and long. Lots of leverage.

Ehtesham Raja says:

Finally, the answer I was searching for the last 25 yrs!!

Mortskcab says:

Do you really pull down with left arm? I though that would steepen the club? I thought arms were supposed to be passive?

Carl Walker says:

superbly explained – thanks

Long Live China says:

You are my hero

Mark Kindell says:

And if you activate you right arm in the downswing at the start you end up doing the over the top and slice the shot ,I don't no why couches do tell you this

dmez4481 says:

Natalie, it just occurred to me that as you addressed the left-handed golfers at the beginning of the video at 0:44 that a lot of instructional videos are for right-handed golfers. Many lefties are told to reverse the instructions as they watch a video made for righties. If you were to reverse your video on the horizontal, you would appear to be a left-handed golfer. Letters in the background as in this video would be backwards but you, yourself would appear to be left-handed. You then could synchronize both videos side by side with a visual divider between them. Your narration would work for both. Lefties could watch the left side of the screen and righties could watch the right.

tsped83 says:

The one tip in here about right elbow position has made a massive impact on my game, ball striking much improved. Cheers!

Fake Ass 50 Million Dollar Offer says:

You are a genius!

Ghost Netnanny says:

Verry, verry sweet…

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