How To Create Effortless Power In Your Downswing With These 3 Moves

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How To Create Effortless Power In Your Backswing
With These 3 Moves

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There are three parts to creating effortless power during the downswing.

Creating speed and power in any sport or activity as a human being is transferring pressure in your feet and utilizing the ground. If I go up to the top of the swing, where I get to about 80% pressure in my right foot. From there I need to shift that pressure from my right side into my left side as I turn. The act of shifting the pressure and my body floating a little bit forward is a speed generator.

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The second part during the downswing is the shoulder tilt – and specifically right-side bend.. Just like the backswing video where we said left-side bend goes along with extension and extension is a speed and power move. Guess what? Right side bend goes along with extension, and extension still is a power move and speed move. So, if I can get my right shoulder a little bit lower as I go around as I'm turning, it's easier for me to create extension into the follow through and create more speed effortlessly.

I set up a drill to practice feels for you guys. I have my golf ball and I have an alignment rod representing the ball target line. The I put a second ball about a foot outside the golf ball. This is my safety zone for my right shoulder. I’ll put my club across my shoulders and take my setup. During my downswing, by the time I get to impact, I want to feel it's a little exaggerated. The butt of the club is about halfway between those two golf balls.

The last piece of creating effortless speed during our downswing is how the shaft works. In the backswing video we said getting the shaft more vertical during the backswing allows you to get it more horizontal during the downswing, which creates effortless speed and power. You can use the same practice station we’ve used in MANY of our videos to train this in. I set up a stick/pool noodle so that when I make a backswing, if I go to first parallel, I have the edge of the noodle just above and on the same line as where the shaft is. The point of that is so that during my down, I want to be just inside that noodle as I deliver the club. I will hit balls and I try and miss the noodle and gather feels just like all of the other things and drills and then I give myself feedback and check it.

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Those are three different feels – three different drills – couple this with those backswing pieces you guys should be in business in terms of creating speed.


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Adam Martin says:

One move that creates very natural leverage is a release of the leading heel on the backswing. It initiates the downswing from the ground up, therefore creating better rhythm and sequence. When I incorporated a heel release the ball went so much straighter and further. That got my swing speed up from 95 to 110. Ball position is still off right now, haven't gone to the range yet to fix it, but it'll happen.

Curious on your thoughts on a leading heel release.

duke cienda says:

Drinking game…every time you hear "feels pretty good for me"! Just kidding. Good video as always Eric.

P McKay says:

Size 12 1/2 shoes???? Do you have really big feet or are you taller than you appear on the channel?? Much enjoyed this vid. Paul

jgb6802 says:

Not arguing or wanting to be critical, but I just can't find that holy grail for speed and power, a relationship between a (combo of) certain move(s) and speed anywhere anymore, if I see that Adam Scott has zero vertical moves until well past impact and that his shoulder plane is much flatter in the BS and DS than the one you suggest with your drills here, that more open hips can't be it, as otherwise LPGA players would hit it further than the men (Monte), that Gary Woodland hits it far whilst being steep in the DS, Stricker has little wrist hinge, JB has a short BS, Phil a long BS, Bubba has no muscles etc.etc..
Maybe it just can't be trained, like the Somax guy states, or is down to having those fast twitch muscles around the spine only (Kelvin).
Unless someone can really enlighten me, I'll probably have to accept that soon and focus on practicing the short game instead.

G L says:

Your shirt matches the net, almost couldn’t see you there for a moment.

Luis Felipe Urbaneja says:

eric i wrote you once about toe hits,,,,i saw video you suggested me, but problems contonued, so i told clubpro to come to course with me,,,,i was aiming way right,,,path inside hand flip , u get the picture,,,,prloblem is,,,if i aim correclty i feel so much to the left ,,,unplayable,,,i feel that if a draw it one yard ill be out of bounds,,,trusting aim and fight your tendencies is harder than it looks…

jumpsqrt says:

Great vid. Together with the backswing version, it puts everything together very nicely. I watch and follow lots of instructors/coach/golf gurus on YouTube/instragram, and you seem to incorporate what I think are all the best and salient elements and then explain and demonstrate it a very succinct way.

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