How to Drive A Golf Ball 250+ Yards

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In part 3 of my personal milestone series, I explain in great detail all the things you'll have to do to drive a golf ball out to 250 yards.

Since the average golfer drives around 220 yards, I'm laying the challenge down at your feet to strive for this milestone. You probably have all the speed you need, but do you have the efficiency?

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Gordon T. says:

Any advice on reducing spin with the driver? My backspin is 4800 with the driver.

W X says:

I used to cruise speed around 115 before my knee issues, but would only be able to max out at 260 carry with spin back. As it measured on trackman I had 4000 rpm on the ball. My ball flight was extremely high, and would just stop where it hit. Thing is I had no idea how to decrease the spin back then, so even when I swung 120 without knee problems, 265 to 270 was all I could do. My spin is still really high, around 3200 with swing changes, but I'm not quite sure how to get it down to 2400 with my current 105 mph swing. I'll look more into it.

Max Moreno says:

I try to swing at about 80 percent avg swing speed is 94 mph my avg drive is 225 . I play a gen 1 pxg with fujikawa pro 2.0 regular shaft. Very straight slight draw. Have been hitting fairly high but don't really get much roll out of my drives much better with irons. My driver is 10.5 loft. Really enjoy your channel

HachiZenki says:

I do….if I could find the middle of the club face…… ?

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