How To Easily Swing INSIDE OUT | Don't Make This Mistake

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Kevin Waldron says:

Wow took this to the range today I normally slice my irons. I over exaggerated the swing hitting 15 balls out to my right (right handed golfer). The next 25 shots were hit way more straight and even got a few with a little draw to them. My 6 iron was one of my worst clubs. Yes I said worst today with that club the ball was fling straight and carry was a easy 170. Thank you very much for the lessons. Tomorrow my buddies will wonder what the heck has happened when play with them.

Jerry Macias says:

Lee Trevino? Baseball….. hips to third base, swing club to first base, and hit the ball to second base. Well done

Ed Szal says:

Looks like Steve Johnston's "Eureka" system.

robert adams says:

Another Top Speed Golf jewel. Well Done!!

Duke Sharpei says:

Never thought of using club to mirror in to out. Defo thinking out side “tee” box🙋‍♂️

Marcinos70 says:

My biggest issue! I have to give these a try

Austin Oestreicher says:

Thanks Q. I can't wait to try this on the range. I think it is really going to help me.

MasterJelq says:

Does this work with the driver

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