How To Find the Best Disc Golf Driver for Distance

Complete guide for choosing a disc golf driver that will give you maximum distance. Coverage includes Flight Dynamics, Failure Modes, Strategic Disc Selection, and Top Professional Disc Selections. Visit for the complete list of links to resources mentioned in the video.

13 thoughts on “How To Find the Best Disc Golf Driver for Distance

  1. Instead of "tendency" I say "aerodynamic properties". The discs mold has properties and specific shapes giving "tendencies". I love your video and Im very into discs flight, speed, etc.

  2. I’m really looking for a video that speaks to the very low tolerance used in disc production. Yes the numbers could be where you need them to be, but the MAJORITY of discs are inconsistent in their production.

  3. Wow, great tutorial! In under 10 minutes explains all the basics of throwing a disc for those of us who are getting better but still don't know all the details. Well done.

  4. this channel is, by far, the best for disc golf tutorials/help. been playing for a few years now and still struggling with some shots. i live in northern Michigan so i only usually get about 4-5 months of decent weather, at best, to apply what i’ve learned from these videos. i’m more of a hands on learner, so i typically don’t grasp the info very well from books/videos. but this channel is a huge help with the best details, making it easier to understand

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