How To Find The Right Putter

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In this episode of Fried Eggs we discuss some putter fitting concepts that help to identify a putter designed to compliment your mechanics and technique.

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Geoff Parrott says:

Good advice with great ideas to give us a great start to pick putter thanks

MrPnutlewis says:

Don't fool for the name. Try a putter in shop.any model any shape. It's all about feel. A 9 handicapper won our society. He uses a crazy golf putter to prove the point. Good luck either way. ?

Evan Williams says:

Boring! You really needed scuba Steve for this one, but he would have thrown off your whole explaintion.

Dave Ellery says:

that explained things so well, main takeaway is get a putter fitted

Jeremy Litchfield says:

Great video. I am just getting back into the game after many years off. I was just actually looking at my stroke today. I am looking for a new putter so perfect time to find this video. Keep up the great work.

colin glen says:

jeez…what a palaver!

Andrew Clarke says:

Great Video, thanks. You mention the various degrees of balance in the face, however it doesn't make suggestions as to why someone would choose different face balances?

James C. Stewart says:

Nobody ever talks about left hander lack of availability in putters & golf clubs in general. I have wanted to buy a Scotty Cameron ‘Squareback’ but I understand that it is not made for left handlers. In fact they only make 2 left handed models out of about a dozen right handed models. This is typical of all manufacturers. I understand that the there has been a financial reason in the past but with the with today’s manufacturing process, I would think it would be easier & cheaper to do. Then they can maybe start to earn an additional couple of percent profit to!!!!!!
Frustrated Lefty

Steven Moormann says:

I thought this was going to be a great video but felt like you left some parts out. You talk about what hand was dominant but not what that helps you determine. Also, you talk about the hang if it’s face balanced slight toe hang etc but only talked about strokes and where the offset was? Maybe that goes hand in hand just want some clarification thanks!

Youngsun Kim says:

never thought about offset in the putter. Great information.

David Barnard says:

Finally a great video on putting. Thanks guys…

James Flynn says:

What putter does ACE play with?

Ivan Miner says:

What App gives you the angle?

SamIAm0409 says:

Awesome video man!!!! I never honestly knew what the offsets did or about the hand dominance. You made a subscriber out of me!

Compt Tech says:

When may I come and see you?

tyson miller says:

Hey I know this is kind of old but do u know when he posted the blogs about knowing the right putter for yourself. So u can basically get yourself fitted. Thanks for the great video.

40yearoldgolfer says:

The best video I've seen on this subject. Its going into my library thanks.

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