How To Fix A Slice With A Driver (So Simple!)

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Here's how to fix your slice with a driver by this weekend… Before we fix your slice with your driver, I need you to understand what causes the slice to begin with. I see a lot of golfers who struggle with a slice who come to us with all kind of reasons as to why they're slicing the ball, and nobody emphasizes the most important part, which is that the club face is open to the path.

You need to understand that you don't hit a slice just because you're too far over the top. You don't hit a slice because you hang back on your right foot. And it's not because your ball position is off or because your setup is off.

You're slicing the ball because your clubface is open to the path, first and foremost. That's the most important part of any technique to fix your slice.

Watch the video to see how to close your clubface and start fixing your slice.

How To Fix Your Slice In 15 Shots:

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Performance Golf says:

How To Fix Your Slice In 10 Minutes:

Alfian bin Afenday says:

1.9m fixing their slices😢

Eli G says:

Drives me crazy is I can go weeks were I'm striping driver with small cut or straight ball flight but then some weeks I spin it left to right 50 yards , I know it's all timing and something simple I doing and not doing but can necer figure it out between outings. I thought maybe its stance or ball position or grip but I think about these things so it can't be , it's for sure a open driver face but something in my timing changes from week to week and I can't wait to figure it out so my driver swing thoughts can address and correct errors as I see them from hole to hole so that eventually I have a solid driver swing process that keeps it simple and allows me to have it as a hufe strength in my game like when I am striping it for several weeks at a time.

Driver Drives me crazy from so good to so bad with no rhyme or reason for me alone to draw from.

I think this video will help me solve this problem.

Main thing is we can not over complicate our swings , simple thoughts and processes ( whatever works best for the individual ) is key to success in pre shot routines , even if you have none and that works it's still routine.

Alex Fucanan says:

I wish I saw this video years ago, it would of saved me 💵 and years of frustration. My grip was wrong the whole time 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

iiTzTOX1C_12 says:

He's the first guy I saw that ACTUALLY talks about the club face… Everyone else just mentions the swing path… Good on you mate, awesome vid🔥

CJ Schmitt says:

All you people that "struggle for YEARS"…wtf!?!?!?! Go get a coach and tell them to fix your slice and you would of been hitting straight "for YEARS"!!! wtf wrong with people!

Abah Nafis says:

2 million slicers try to fix their swing 😄

Penn Wealth says:

Couldn't fix my slice…this seven minute video immediately changed my game and greatly simplified my swing! Thanks! Now, must find the follow-up video…

Shane Deel says:

I feel I can’t close the face in time before I get to the ball

Virtual Alphas says:

Why does every golf instructor have to repeat themselves 50 times before they get to the lesson we all know our club faces are open you don't have to tell us 172 times before you ever address what you want us to do. This video should have been 3 minutes long.


God is coming back soon pls all repent pls

Homer 🫡 says:

easier said then done never worked for me literally at all if anything made it worse

Johnny B says:

I will try this in a couple of days and come with a review.

Ben Hickey says:

I would like to have a word with the person who invented the driver and made it to be swung in such an unnatural way that nearly 2 million people are watching this video

Gregg Guillemette says:

Just having a stronger grip has made a huge difference!,

East Coast Castles says:

loved this.

Hezekiah Chhan says:

Go golfing with my father-in-law need to learn how to golf in one day. Told him I was good, never played a game before.

John says:

So should I make grip change with all clubs?

A Tn says:


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