HOW TO GET LAG IN THE GOLF SWING – Effortless Power and distance – Craig Hanson Golf

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How to Lag the Golf Club – How to create Lag. The secret to creating lag in your golf swing. You’ve never seen this before. From PGA professional Craig Hanson.

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MrTempo says:

Great video Craig, check your subscriptions, YT unsubscribed me

plentyofouts says:

Surely the main issue is that top players usually increase lag in transition whilst strengthening the clubface. Almost universally by adding flexion to trail wrist. You show 99 pct of people a face on of a good player decreasing angle between lead arm and shaft in transition and get them to copy it, they'll do it by simply adding as much cup in lead or both wrists to do it. Totally open clubface. Practically the opposite of what they're seeing. The face on illusion of a golf swing is such a big problem.

WorldClassGolf - Craig Hanson & Dr. Rob Neal says:

World 🌎 Class Golf Instruction

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jesse young says:

OMG, this is so helpful.

Hitting It Solid Golf says:

Great video Craig, seen this often before and done it myself where you try to get the extra lag but forget to match up post impact and block the ball out right. That matching up post impact is so key. Cheers, Troy

Matt McGovern says:

Hey Craig, fantastic video but, whenever I pull back for the swing, my buttocks become tight and I feel a sharp pain in my spine, any ideas? Thanks!

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