How to get shaft lean at Impact! Be Better with Bobby Lopez

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Bobby Lopez PGA Shows us how to get shaft lean in the golf swing at impact.

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Dan Clark says:

Are you kidding me?! Just had my best round of the year, 74, yet this video cleared up a recurring problem that I've been having.


Simple, yet effective!!

Tou Nou Thao says:

makes sense. thanks!

stone man says:

Bobby you are the man

ron greco says:

Brendon you're too much, You keep tweaking and getting different opinion on your swing. I am the same way always searching.
The Sergio move by Bobby was really something. I tried it and it worked.

David McBride The Golfing Gamer says:

Thank you Brendon for pointing me towards Bobbie Lopez. I sent him my swing video and he sent me back the analysis. It was a fun exp. and I may join Bobbie's site in the future.

p.s. It turns out my swing is "not bad" "pretty close" according to Bobbie. Woot!

J. Ch. says:

This sounds really similar to what Monte teaches, or am I wrong? It's nice to hear similar concepts explained differently. Nice job!!

Patrick Miller says:

Notice his right shoulder works out in the downswing just like Monte preaches. If the shoulder drops he can't clear and has to slide

Andrew Bennett says:

Love the channel and your pitching rx and syncing your swing videos, they have helped me a ton. My question to you is if you lived near Bobby would he be the coach you would work with? I live about 2 miles away from the range that Bobby teaches out of and need a good coach. I trust your opinion so I wanted to know if you would work with him given the opportunity. Thanks and keep the content coming.

charly yoo says:

Pendleton…. I've played there multiple times when I lived in Northern Virginia. Ton of great places to play in the greater DC area.

Joe Butts says:

Very close to what gg was trying to get you to do. To squat turn and clear and not move to left. Great video thanks

Maple Brook Homes says:

great style Mr Lopez has.. for 97 bux (last I checked) you can send him unlimited videos for a year and he'll analyze – i think it's a great deal and a simple way to learn. All this slide crap over the last few years to drop it inside.. what a pile of junk that was.
Seems like it all back to the old " turn in a barrel" teaching

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