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This video is about How To Get Timing in Your Golf SwingGolf Swing Tempo Drills. For more golf tips and golf swing drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and golf instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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Scratch Golf Academy says:

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Bob Stjern says:

Love your swing Adam, we'd love it if you'd analyze YOUR swing?

Luis Hernandez says:

With all due respect, I think you are mixing concepts here. You are talking about sequence not about tempo. Tempo has to do with timing. A good sequence will give the right tempo. What’s the right tempo? Well, it is a 3:1 ratio of your swing timing. If your swing from the beginning to impact takes 1.2 seconds (standard tour average) the right tempo should be .90 secs for the back swing and .30 secs for your down swing. So, a 3 to 1 ratio, is the ideal tempo required to have a good sequence as the one you describe. Cheers

Toto Sugiarto says:

Best driil.., and how find my own tempo to still keep balance posture..?, any else video drill..??, Thanks Adam..

Aaron Frechette says:

Another great vid!

James Dale Copeland says:

You said nothing about tempo and timing. I have done research and found that Rory swings in 4/4 time with a 230 tempo. You clearly don't understand the meaning of either of these words. Tempo is crucial to syncing up your swing. It should be done with a 123 hit chant in your head or following a metronome. Set a metronome at 4/4 with 230 tempo or anything near it and you will be crushing it once your tempo is fast enough.

Joe Leone says:

Great feel tips, Adam! Thanks-

Clarence Bodicker says:

I believe this video will help me immensely this season I never really thought about how important this is. One thing I did notice towards the end of last season. I usually hit really straight (always have) decent distance and I know my distances with my clubs, however in my driving I noticed my ball about the 200 ro 225 range started hooking right and I started to play out of the rough more and more costing me strokes how can I correct this? Like it was tailing to the right towards the decent of the ball.

Dad3Sons says:

At around 2:15 in this video, did a clip not get edited in? Adam asked for a look from behind the swing and it’s not in there…??

Remy says:

Welcome back Adam! You are still swinging like 20 years old college student

H T says:

Thanks Adam. I got your assessment of my swing over the Holidays when most people are not working 🙂 awesome. I was the one hitting inside the golf dome on the video. Great stuff and thank you!

Michael mcnoob says:

Joy to watch. Thanks for the tips

alex Cubs72 says:

Helpful video thanks Pro…

Buzzjugs says:

It's great to see you back Adam.

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