How to Get UP and DOWN! Golf Short Game Bobby Lopez, PGA

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Coburn Karma says:

I like Bobby's energy and spunk.

Michael Crosby says:

Absolutely love this short game video. I like the metaphor of a plane flying in and the wheels/gravity is what makes the plane stop. Also, most short game videos are about open stance, ball back, blah blah blah, boring shit. This was informative and real. Thanks so much.

Derek Johnson says:

Bobby Lopez tries to talk like Lee Trevino

Justin Carmack says:

Bobby seems like the kind of guy that would be a blast to hang out with. Great video guys. Lots of great information and fun to watch.

Barry Vegas says:

Bobby is the best! Reminds me of Trevino with the personality.

hen arundale says:

Love this dudes energy and positivity! Even if you don’t take his chipping advice.. he’s tidbits about attitude is priceless! Cheers Bobby

O. G. says:

Bobby Lopez episodes not for headphone users. LMAO!!!! 10:15

Alexander Skinner says:

I love how Bobby gets fired up every time the ball has the smallest chance of going in the cup.

FireTrace says:

Love Bobby's football analogy

Dreama40 says:

I actually think you can be more consistent by having the ball forward of centre and having the shaft more vertical at address(wedges), this allows the bounce to engage. Most of the shots played in this video were with the leading edge(ball back hands forwards) and they did chunk a few.

Adam Martin says:

I like this. It makes sense. I notice the better players at my club practice short game more than they practice mid irons. If you miss 18 greens but get up and down every time, you'll shoot par.

Olli Rusama says:

So, B… This or Monte's way? Two totally opposite ways to chip it…

lovefridays says:

Excellent advice, thank you.

Mitch Y says:

hi Brandon i noticed that you clinch your teeth before you hit all your shots. have you tried breathing exercises to help with the tension?

Gatlin Goad says:

What all the people in the comments need to understand is that there is MORE than one way to chipping. I myself can hit every kind of shot with a 60* that I want. But also I can chip good with Bobby's style of chipping. His style isn't "wrong" it's just a way of chipping from very many different styles to choose from.

Maurice Horan says:

love this guy, great laugh! have started chipping this way recently and made a huge improvement! great video

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