How to Hit a Dead Solid Golf Shot | 7 Pieces to Perfection

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If you desire to hit the golf ball dead solid and want that sweet contact then you need to see this video, a dead solid hit. Hitting a golf ball correctly takes a lot of things to come together and even more when you want to take control of your ball flight. We cover the seven factors that deal with hitting the golf ball dead solid. When you get these seven factors with in the right dimensions you can start getting major distance.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Jim Ferrell says:

I still am trying to figure out where legs and small weight shift is on the downswing for first move. Is it a shift of hips directly 45 degree angle

Jim Ferrell says:

Clay is the best. I am hitting my driver straight with a draw 2 out of 3 swings.

David Morpeth says:

3 Cheers to Clay. Huge amount of background preparatory work to get these coaching videos to us. By FAR the best on the internet / YouTube. .I wake each morning down under here to view Clays new teachings.

kihong kim says:

Great instruction!
Very smoothly flowing instruction in plain easy terms combined with the very basic of swing mechanism.
Highly recommend to guys like me having some old bad habits.

อภิชาติ คุปรัตน์ says:

The best instruction..thank a lot

choosetolivefree says:

Well I always appreciate Clays stuff. But I have to say filling a newer players head with so many thoughts isn't such a good idea. For me, I have a 3 step checklist every time I address a ball and it produces pretty decent golf. I used to be trying 100 things at once and it's too much. Just my 2 cents.

Dale Paluszcyk says:

Dale P here, wanted to comment about a important sentence you described about the hub through impact moving up as club moves down level aoa into ball. Huge , I believe sstudents need to realize that the hub moves up and toward our center of body or COM. MOST FEEL HUB STILL CONTINUES TO MOVES TOWARD TARGET AND AWAY. THIS HOLDS OF SPEED AND NATURAL RELEASE OF FINDING CONSISTENT BOTTOM OF ARC. JUST THINK SOME GOLFERS MIGHT BENEFIT FROM UNDERSTANDING HUB DIRECTION UP AND TO CENTER OF BODY BETTER TOO. ???? THOUGHTS

Jim Wexell says:

I have a problem with consistency, how can I correct this ? Thanks a lot Clay, for all you do for all of us once a week golfers !!!

Shigeharu Shimizu says:

I found tips in an angle of wrists, tension on an upper left arm, and a weight shift when just starting down swing. I think Clay has said it a different way from what I felt. It's still a very good staff. My remaining concern is consistency of a head rightly hitting a ball. Still learning a lot from you, Clay. Thank you very much.

Fake TonyAbbott says:

What a beautiful looking course. Where is it? Great video, btw! Thanks Clay!!!

Lee Whittaker says:

great detailed vids clay

johncp1962 says:


Michael Taylor says:

Best swing tutorial I have seen on youtube, many thanks

just sunny says:

Great stuff!

David Gaskill says:

Clay you are a Ball Striking Genius! Every golfer should take at least 5 minutes to watch this video from the 25 min mark and learn the term "Impact Glide" Watch that and you will want to watch the whole hour. Very good lesson if you want to hit the ball better.

noonster55 says:

Where are all the golfers? I watched the whole video, then realized there were no golfers. Great video by the way…

nahshon cline says:

Clay thanks for taking the time to go into such detail. I hope to one day be able to figure out that shallowing flat spot at the bottom of the swing arc because it is definitely a major part of successful ball striking. Right now my angle of attack is comparable to that 747 you referenced crashing into the runway ???. Pretty funny analogy you had there, it describes me perfectly. Keep up the awesome videos ⛳

Golf Geek says:

Really high quality instruction! Thanks Clay for sharing this! Very clear to understand! ??

Gman1450 says:

This is Awesome!!! Keep up the good work Clay!! ?

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