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This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







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Scratch Golf Academy says:

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Jack Casey says:

Adam do you know how much I need to alter the club face to the swing path to fade and draw the ball with irons?

I've seen some people who say they just face the club at the target and set up/swing right or left, while others have said they put the club face roughly halfway between the path and the target.. Can you help me with which one is more accurate with irons, especially mid irons?

dok951 says:

Its a pity there is no line showing the flight path on most of your videos

Neighbor hood says:

Get to the point're not getting paid by the word

Livinghighandwise says:

Is this the first tip you've given that I absolutely don't agree with. The best way to hit a fade the ball for most golfers is to pick a line at setup, and then walk your feat to the left of the target line slightly so that they are facing about 11 o'clock from the target line. All that is left to do from there is to let it rip. Trying to think about leading or lagging the butt or toe of the club at impact is a recipe for disaster for most golfers..

Red River Rover says:

Duval was setting up for an obvious draw shot! His ball flight started right!

lovetogolf says:

Great tip!!!!

TrojanMars1 says:

Quality video…as usual…thank you!

David Hargreaves says:

Trevino Ballesteros Watson Nicklaus and others were my heroes when I started playing….they were golf Gods….and they played with the old small wooden clubheads,the size of today's 5 woods…and with soft balata balls that were very hard to control and spin and cut up easily…..they were truly great players…kids today will never know………….

H2O Melon says:

You need a tracer to show ball flight otherwise we just have to take your word for it.

The Hidden Hand says:

Awesome instructor! Thank you

DsevenO says:

I didn't expect to find such a comprehensive explanation of how to hit a fade, but I'm glad I did. That footage of Trevino is just glorious. (That's a stunning golf course you play on by the way.)

know-it-all smar-t-pants says:

Not helpful for me. No actual instruction. Be athletic and hit the ball right is not helpful. But thanks anyway.

Glenn Snyder says:

all that talk, no real instruction.

Don Harrold says:

Great stuff once again! It feels conceptually easier to fade the ball to me. I can draw it but it takes so much more concentration and effort for me to make that work.

Howard Le says:

All that talk but didnt swing once?

BluezFan91 says:

Btw this explains why I could hit a power fade so much easier when I was younger. Nowadays it feels like my hips are fused with shoulders.

BluezFan91 says:

Lees swing has got some character doesn’t it?!? I think I heard him talk about how he got his swing from playing in Texas on really hard surfaces. Keeping it low and under the wind.

Stanley13 says:

Best explanation … the importance of swinging from the inside and still hitting a fade!! This is an excellent video…and should stop a lot of slicers!!

touristguy87 says:

again you talked for 5 minutes and then put up a video of a player doing exactly the opposite of what you said. Ok the swing plane may have been low but the clubface was clearly closed at impact.

Kathy Chavis says:

Good instructions but I am left,handed


Most concise lessons Ive found. Well Done.

Jason Koh says:

The video seemed to show the player in closed stance and ball start off right….fade?

matthew orge says:

How much draw is too much draw with a driver?
My numbers say 30 yards left of target line when it lands. Near 240 carry when it's hit properly.

Conor mcgregor army The notorious one says:

Thanks a lot will help me

Jonas Persson says:

Very good and nice video as always.

Gary Guerrero says:

This hit a fade with driver video will help me tremendously. Thanks Adam!

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