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?Want to Drop 5 Strokes Off Your Handicap in Just 2 Weeks with Minimal Practice?


This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







✅3-Time SW Florida PGA Teacher Of The Year Winner
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
✅ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
✅ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour





Improve Golf Swing Path:

Rory Mcilroy Swing Analysis:

Jordan Spieth Swing Analysis:

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Jimmy Zhang says:

Hi Adam, really enjoyed this video thankyou. When hitting the 3W, is it like your sweeping the broom theory? That is, do you still hit the ball and brush the ground afterwards with a little forward lean of the shaft?

Rahul naidu says:

Nice video sir

Gam3r 3723 says:

Have an awesome day everyone!
John 3: 16 ???

W R Butler says:

I'm glad to know I'm not the only golfer that throws his clubs…..of course I'm throwing them AFTER my shot! 🙂

James Park says:

A great teacher….

huck l berry says:

truly appreciate your uploads. i joined website also. hope my partners will subscribe also. these lessons can help us all.

Hana Le says:

another great lesson! do you have a lesson on how to hit wood in the down hill position? thank you so much Adam, you are a great instructor.

Justin Drost says:

Can’t wait to get out and play today after seeing this I struggle big time with that area of my game hopefully I see more pars on par 4s and 5s than double and triple bogeys

hags vito says:

You shouldn’t make a video of yourself throwing golf clubs for half of it, I think we got the point after the first toss

Kerol Chan says:

Can you please make a video for 3 wood?

Charles Alexander Jr says:

@1:50 Excellent club control.

Bryan Tittle says:

I usually throw my club after I hit the ball…!

Leland Hopkins says:

Different Lies, sometimes means more loafted club…So now we realize, sometimes to get better result from the lie we in, we might land short of the green, which would be better than trying to force a club selection that does not suit the situation we put ourselves in…So positive thinking kicks in….Because will have better opportunity to get up and down, or pitch inn…..Great Video

TrojanMars1 says:

You’re not like a Ferrari…sure could’ve fooled me! ?Thanks for the info!!

Joseph Dubiel says:

Hey Adam. I found that placing the ball back in my stance instead of too much forward eliminated almost all ball topping. I guess I just naturally hit downward a bit on the ball from that placement and it works out well. I played two 18 hole rounds yesterday and the results with my 3 and 5 woods were excellent. I have the Ping G 400 Woods. 3,5,7 and 9. Good tutorial. Love your content. Best wishes.. Spider Dubiel

Michael Wilson says:

God please help, guide and assist me to fully integrate, practice, understand and perfect all of these wonderful golf lessons, insights and the wisdom of the teacher and all of his unseen teachers, remove any and all blockages from my past, present and future lives from doing this, also ask any and all humans in the light who would love to assist me, the Solar System, the Sun the Moon, all plants, animals and insects. Thank you.

M B says:

You are by far the best instructor I have ever come across!

Marto says:

Hi Adam, great video as always! I have a follow up question: how can you reduce the AOA with this club? I’m generally 4 down with most clubs but even more so with 3 wood and rescue. How can I shallow it? Wider stance? Further forward? Do you have a video on this please?

Michael Brown says:

I'm doing something dreadfully wrong I can not get these things airborne with any consistency. I need to get myself on video n use ur services, I'm doing something very fundamentally incorrect.

SantaDog81 says:

Your rock skipping analogy helped a lot. I've found myself coming down too steeply lately, but I used the stone skipping movement, and it helped a lot at the range today.

Mark F says:

Absolute cr*p! Im far from a pro golfer but i can throw my 5 wood a lot further and higher than that!!! ?

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