How To Hit A Golf Bunker Shot

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Golf Bunker Shot

In this tip I explain how to hit a golf bunker shot. Once you understand this you can finally end your fear of being in the sand.

Bunker shots are actually quite easy to hit. There is nothing complicated about this shot. People run into trouble when they are trying to hit the Sand or scoop the ball. In no way should you be doing this.

Basically, the bunker shot is very similar to your normal golf swing. After you watch this tip though you will know what to think of as you're making this type of swing. This will allow you to take your mind totally off of hitting or scooping.

As you practice the golf bunker shot into the future to keep these things in mind and try to do a little practice. It's also a good idea to practice your flop shots on the grass first. Once you can don't hit a half decent flop shot on the grass you simply move in to the sand and apply almost the same technique.

As I said, the shots are very simple but if you have trouble remembering the elements of this golf tips and simply write them down so you can bring them to the course with you. Again, make sure you practice a little first so you have confidence the next time you're in the sand on the course.

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