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This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







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Scratch Golf Academy says:

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Walter Maughn says:

No demonstration of the shot

T P XRP says:

Another great video. I personally took individual lessons and immediately saw improvement from him in Naples. I highly suggest anyone to subscribe to his Youtube and sign up with the Scratch Golf Academy. Money well spent…TRUST ME. Tim Patten

Bangsaen Beach says:

Your teaching method shows real view how the amateur must play the golf. Thank you for all your videos and teaching.

Santiago Giuntoli says:

Definitely, as I saw here in the comment section; a good playthrough of a course with you and some small tips for all the shots while on it would be greatly helpful!
Maybe it's too much for the free content though.
And by no means I'm forgetting how helpful your channel and your teachings are… you truly changed my game, so "thanks" to the 10th exponent here from my behalf.

Kindest regards from Argentina, Adam! And good golfing for you and everybody on this channel!!!

Chris Gilbert says:

I would be interested in watching you play a round and perhaps you could share some of your thought process for different shots you encounter.

Robert Ota says:

I teach Golf and bunker play is one of my favorite lessons I like to help beginners with. There is 2 very important things a golfer needs to know about bunkers. First. After every shot you make in the bunker, RAKE it smooth for the next player. This is etiquette. You don't want to end up in someone else's blast hole or stance hole. Thousands of golfers don't know this. Alot don't care. Very Inconsiderate. They should be bowling instead of golfing. Second. The rakes belong INSIDE the trap, not outside. Again, thousands of players don't know this. The reason is Sand Traps were made to trap balls that have been hit bad in the wrong direction. If a rake is outside the trap, a ball rolling to go inside the trap will stop or deflect it. Defeating the purpose. A video about this would really be great for you and helpful for thousands of golfers in the dark.

ColtDeltaElite10mm says:

Awesome video. @1:28… they even now make a 72* wedge, in which I have one. However it too takes practice to use it well. The benefit of a 72* in steep bunker or obstacle shots is that you don’t have to “open” the club face and offset your aim point nor stance with it. You just aim normally and swing away.

Andreas Beschorner says:

Hi and thanks a lot for a bunch of really awesome video lessons. One question concerning the wrist during release when performing bunker (and maybe flop) shots: Do you release/roll the wrist or do you prefer to keep it steady with respect to a safe and sound contact and play? Thanks in advance for replying!

Scott J says:

Adam, have you done a video on getting out of wet sand? Thanks for all the great videos.

matthew orge says:

Thanks again Adam for all this great content. Here in Canada we get a lot of poorly groomed and very hard bunkers. How do you approach firm bunkers?

Teresa Gow says:

Can you offer help, I'm hitting the ball so cleanly out of the bunker, it's gone to the other side of the green? What can you suggest for me to think of or practice?

Jeff Zafiropoulos says:

Does one still apply the "towel snap" analogy and lead with the hips?

Kevin Sheriff says:

ive seen a lot of people trying to hit up on the ball trying to add height but as soon as their weight comes back theyre done!

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