How To Hit Chip Shots Around The Green (BEST CHIPPING DRILLS!)

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This video is about How to Hit Chip Shots Around the Green For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




✅ 3-Time SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner!
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
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✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour


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e james says:

I have developed a "hinge-less" chip shot at home during the corona. I like to think I look like adam bazalgette, keying on my left shoulder going down and under. My question is…….at what point does one switch from hingeless to hinged? 20 yards….30…….40. What is the standard? or does a standard even exit?

jacques brits says:

Good video. I struggle with chipping. Will try these tips for sure.

Anthony Lennen says:

Let the club fall right Adam? 🙂

Michael Britton says:

Adam how do I get the ball up in the air off the tee like the pros my ball seams to go up in the air about 20 foot and is not in the air for long thanks adam

Zach Thompson says:

Hi Adam I’m twenty years old trying to learn golf. Could you make a video showing all the basic techniques and form on how to hit every kind of shot? I’ve been struggling putting everything I’ve learned on proper form, grip, arms straight, etc. into one motion

Joe Massimino says:

Look forward to your instruction, Sound chipping advise. Good shoulder tip. Thanks

Nelson Paolini says:

Mr. Bazalgette knows his stuff and his tips and guidance have shaved strokes off my game. However, I live in Florida and within the year hope to invest in lessons to hopefully shave even more strokes since I am unfortunately a below average golfer. Nelson Paolini, Lakeland, Florida

Reko Fracassi says:

How much do you charge for private lessons? Thank you.

4번아이언 says:

괜찮은 자료 네.

Randy Kekipi says:

Thank you…..always enjoy your Video.

Golf clash? My ass!!! says:

Adam, how far can you drive?

lovetogolf says:

Sounded like a Rock Adam..Great lesson!!

Melted Butter says:

Adam, are you pivoting on the left hip for these chip shots?

Gary Leahy says:

Adam, Love the video. I appreciate your emphasis on ball position, weight shift and swing angle

James Horton says:

You are THE MAN ! Your tips have helped me so much.

Alex Kirkpatrick says:

Great video. Good to chip and run and not try to pitch from that distance when no obstacle in way .Keep shots as simple as possible.

Matt Lord says:

Adam – I'd always thought I had to put the ball way back in my stance to keep from chunking my chip shots…turns out that makes my problem worse! Thanks for your great advice on how to chip correctly. Also I just picked up your Short Game Secrets free video series…it's great!

bill ding says:

Great stuff Adam. Mant golfers pull out a wedge by reflex when they get around the green. I blike to get the ball up and rolling and any club from 7 irom to wedge may be the right choice for me.

Alan Goudie says:

Another excellent,very helpful video. Thank you.

Stephen Kossuth says:

Why are you not promoting the straight strike wedge when instructing how to chip around the green. Is it out of fashion now.

TrojanMars1 says:

Great pointers and nice to see you weren’t chipping with a “wedge”. Best regards.

John Rosenthal says:

Liked the video – good info – just can't understand why you would show a bad shot (pulled that one) – just redo the video and get it right. But again – good information

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