How To Hit Hybrid Clubs

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John Ryan says:

Cheers Rick?

SJWs Attack! says:

I just got a 3 hybrid that I actually tuned down to 18 degrees. First night out hitting it last night and I thought I'd try it like my 3 wood (at first) which I've been practicing with a lot recently and it went terrible. As you said I tried it more like a 6 iron and it worked perfectly well.

I found that odd because I actually prefer sweeping shots rather than coming down on them. I just found sweeping a hybrid made it not control anywhere near as well as hitting it like a mid iron.

Pasha Haletskiy says:

This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

stonewallre7 says:

I hit the long iron better than the hybrid and I am a 55 handicap. Not sure why.

purrrfect purple cat mochi says:

Coach Rick can you teach what golf equipments to use that gives more distance if one of the holes your playing is 430 yards or 500 yards so that I have lower scores and easily go to the greens.Help me please can you teach and gives tips about to lowering scores like par 2 or par4

Lukestersim :3 says:

For me, i do very well hitting it like i hit an iron

Puryear Eaker says:

Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'woodprix' website:)

Aimee Bray says:

" Hybrid golf clubs are the latest rage in golf equipment, amateurs and pros alike are discovering that hybrids are easier to use than their long irons .

Yu Ma says:

What's Peter doing back there?

theSZ73 says:

Eye spy Peter Finch

Brian Reilly says:

I keep hearing about great hybrid clubs If you are not hitting them get a 5and7 wood easier to hit will try both methods to see what one works best thanks

fdllicks says:

I just spent a month experimenting with hybrids and finally got it. This is what I discovered. First, you want a brand that is easier to make contact. Callaway and Cleveland were the best, ping and titleist the worst. Always CHOKE UP on the club. the shafts are Far too long. I cut my shaft down an inch. Only use from a good lie. If not, use your 4iron. Play it and hit it like a 6iron. Dont try to sweep it. Contact is helped by sticking your butt out more and light light light grip. if it slices, use a draw stance, and again , hit it like a 6iron. The best advice advice is choke up!!! it is much easier to hit.

Stacey Janson says:

Awesome suggestion!! Thanks

bombergolf x says:

but, there's pete behind you!!!

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