How to hit longer drives without increasing clubhead speed

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Michael Ardelean says:

How far behind the ball is too far? Wouldn’t you increase loft on an iron or even top it if you have too much tilt? LOVE all the videos. Literally rewatch them daily. Also, a guy named clay Ballard did a video on “impact glide”. Are you guys kind of teaching the same thing but in a different way?

nolski2003 says:

Thank you Bobby Lopezzzzz, this BORIQUA will send you my pain my CUBAN Brother.

J D says:

great great video Bob

Rrracket says:

this video is great, thanks for posting Bobby

DaveSender66 says:

Great stuff Bobby !!! I get it. Now I gotta do it.

123GPA says:

Bobby, great video. If you tilt that far to the right at address to get behind the ball does if feel like most of your weight is on your right side?

Rexx Engineering says:

Pros and low handicap amateurs have very dynamic swings. Their heads and chests stay back while their lower body shifts a small amount and then pivots. This happens very quickly. At full speed, they are only keeping their heads back a fraction of a second longer than high handicap players. Their heads do come forward but it's later than high handicappers. Watching in slow motion makes it seem like a huge difference. But it's a very small amount of time. But that fraction of a second is very important for achieving a good impact position. If you move the head forward before contact, you are steep, probably over the top and no good. But if a high handicap player starts trying very hard to keep their head back, they often end up falling away from the target and hitting behind the ball. It is the dynamic separation of the upper and lower body, along with good tilt and proper sequencing, which creates the proper impact position. The lower body does need a small shift and then a definite turn. While this is happening, the upper body needs to stay more or less where it was for a fraction of a second. That's a tough move to master.

Maple Brook Homes says:

it seems all pros heads are on top of their right knee at impact. The only thing that stays back is the head while the body moves forward. That is the hard part and an oxymoron. Get through while staying back and turning through – not easy. Practice it slowly in front of a mirror ?

gpc791c says:

Is there a danger of hitting it fat by being so far behind the ball

Calamity says:

What an amazingggggggg video can’t wait to try this

Rexx Engineering says:

Bobby, this is a great video and certainly proves the points you always make. The problem I find is that there is a big difference between knowing and doing. I know that I move my head forward on the downswing. I can see it on tape. I have have watched your videos for a year and tried to learn how to have some axis tilt away from target and to keep my head back and my chest closed while I swing down. I just can't do it. I hit fat over and over again. I get so tired of that, I end up going back to my old ways, moving my head forward. I move forward and then hit thin by contacting the ball on the way down. Many people have divots behind the ball. Mine are too far in front of the ball. What's the trick to learning to stay onside? The moving of the head forward is very instinctive for me. It seems to be how I stay in balance. How do I go about making this change??

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