How to Hit the Golf Ball Dead Straight With Every Club

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Steve Pratt and Jerry Crowell, PGA take you through the subtle adjustments needed to hit every club in your back super straight without making any changes to your swing.

In this video we talk about ball position, D plane, and how to adjust your stance to ensure the proper swing plane and path from your driver to your wedge.

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Stuart P says:

When I see a great player drawing their iron shots I don't see them drastically swinging from the inside .
Yet most instruction videos on drawing the ball suggest players should swing from way inside.
I think this d plane stuff is part of the puzzle as you say in your video hitting down pushes the ball to the right… if you understand how this works could you possibly do a video regarding downward angle of a attack and clubface angle that produces a push draw.
Think it would be a first for YouTube.
Love your channel btw some great content thanks.

Pat Ryan says:

WOW-absolutely one of the best videos I've ever watched on Golf. Never fully understood this before. BRAVO!!!

Michael Hayes says:

Just to recap, if I understood correctly, the only club we would be square to the target line at setup is the 3-wood. All irons are open to the target line, and the driver is closed to the target line.Correct?

Hung Phan says:

great details, Steve, please keep them coming. Thanks!

Golf India VLOG says:

People who disliked this video never understand golf

555Trout says:

Decent intro to D plane. Though feet line isn't the critical line imo, shoulder line is. We've seen a vast range of feet lines in the greatest golfers, however their shoulder lines and ball position met the D plane physics. I happen to like the "diagonal stance'" concept myself.

Golden Gate says:

Great video … I would like to know optimal setup for a 4 iron …

Golf India VLOG says:

Hi Steve. What about ball position? Is it in center of stance for all irons? And then we change feet alignment ?

Golf India VLOG says:

Wow video !!

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