How to hit The Pendulum & Elevator Shots with Bobby Lopez

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e james says:

one would be well advised to work on the short game and forget about driver. Just practice irons, fairway wood……………then go work on the short game and putting. Unless you play on one of these 7000 yard courses.Then of course, it would be different.

Stuart P says:

So we should trust a short game expert who chunks 2 in ten minutes .. hmmmm

beltunaman says:

This is where it gets confusing Tim Yelverton tells us to keep the handle neutral, face slightly open so we can maximize the bounce and come in shallow yet Mr. Lopez tells us to have hands forward and to come in steep. Having the club square makes sense…..why do we need to add loft to a 60 degree wedge? Yet Tim opens the face slightly. Also Tim crowds the ball more which seems to me allows for better arm control. Mr. Lopez has his arms swinging freely away from the body which for me personally results in more shanks and mishits due to face opening and mis-timed strikes. I am 72 years old and like you Brenden I really want to get good at these 30 yard pitch shots. I shank them. I stub them. I skull them. I have come to realize it is a very difficult shot that needs a great deal of practice time put into it. But when you don’t know how to perform the shot why practice hitting shanks …hence we ignore it because if every second one is a shank it kills your confidence. I go on to something else.

Antony Do says:

May I suggest smt? You go from one Pga instructor to another garthering their techniques for Likes. If you are looking almost comprehensive model for yourself, SnT swing maybe suit best; drills you post almost built in there, and the way you swing is quite good already, because it is almost SnT. Cheers!!!

gbaum26 says:

Practice chipping and putting most. Thats going to save par and get more birdies.

Matt10L says:

Bobby – would the lack of a pendulum type swing cause more shanks? I tend to shank pitching, chipping and lobbing.

Trey Caldwell says:

I like the horseshoe analogy because it's a natural motion with good slow rhythm…look forward to trying that next time out.

dan man says:

i hit chips with my right shoulder not hands

greg n says:

Hey Brendon, just an observation… you stand really far from the ball on your pitches & chips. Most of the pros really close, and their arms point straight down at setup.

charly yoo says:

Everyone struggling with understanding short game should watch this.

Ryan Johnson says:

Always great stuff B!

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