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How to hit your driver long and straight. In this video Danny Maude reveals 3 key things that will help you hit your drives much straighter.

He explains at the beginning why most golfers will always struggle to hit it straighter and longer and reveals what what you could be doing today to immediately begin improving.

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Olivier Auberger says:

Thank you so much for this video. I am finally hitting my tee shots the right way. Went through a long and painful period before that where i couldnt get any consistency.

Rocket Roy says:

excellent video, nicely explained.

Andrew Hudgeon says:

this is a great video Danny i play off 6 i am all hands and arms this video is what i,ve been after using the big muscles …

Vikramjeet Singh says:

Great background Danny..

Drew Wilson says:

Thanks Danny, this video has helped me greatly. I watch it alot for a refresher every week.

Sanjay Verma says:

Hi Danny. This is an awesome video. Thanks for posting it.

One quick question – can I use the same swing for the irons too?


Devi Kadek says:

Hi Danny, always great tip from you.
wish you can give me private lesson. I live in Dubai. ?

Ron Waddell says:

Danny, have read many of the other comments/replies on this video, and just want to confirm… is this meant to be simply a training exercise to engage the body and big muscles more and not a swing to keep for the course?

Ron Waddell says:

Danny, does this technique still apply. More recent trainings on hitting driver seem to be less "stiff armed", and more like an iron swing, with normal bending of the right arm

hbyrdut says:

Honestly I don't see how you can generate as much power this way. You can't move your body nearly as fast as you can move your arms.

Somsak Phisith says:

That is very helpful
Thanks a million

matkasim says:

Great explanation on big muscle . On ball placement do u agree on the off the left heel only swing or youve got to move ball forward or backward?

Jan Mulder says:

Thank you, Danny. Thanks to your lessons I recently managed to hit my driver tee shots consistently in the right (straight) direction. Feels awesome! Grtz!

Kathy Mogan says:

Love all of your lessons! Do you do any good clinics?

Willie Phelan says:

Hi Danny,I'M hitting my driver with no height at all

Stewart Cram says:

Thanks Danny, been troubled with high short fades off the tee and this tip has helped me so much. A bit weird to start with but seeing the results is so encouraging! Coupled up with the tip for older golfers with back/hip issues it has given me a simple routine to actually give me confidence off the tee. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

Kosher Co-operative says:

A great drill for this is having a belt tying your upper left arm to your body or a head cover and or old gloves under both armpits to feel that connection.

neil ryans says:

Hi Danny , I’ve been working on this for a wile now. “ pushing trough” my question is how do you take this to the next level, any drills to add a bit more speed would be much appreciated? Keep up the good work. Thanks Neil.

The Karma Kids says:

Brilliant explanation of technique, great videos Danny- really loved the one about hitting up with the driver and down with the irons- tee and towel tips- dare I say top tips! All power to you Danny and success mate.

dreamsthathappen says:

When should you hinge for driving?

David Priest says:

Thanks, I know this video has been up for a while, but was inspired by it this week and it really has helped my drives. Not flapping with my arms so much now and a lot less slicing. Appreciate it.

walter De Martis says:

Thanks a lot for the lesson about about Driver. Success for you Danny. Walter Jose De Martis Suares.From San Borja Lima Peru.

Chris Whittemore says:

Hey Danny, the golf course that I am a member at use those spongy green mats and the automatic tee system, were its a fixed tee.  I seem to be hitting ok, but is it better to find a range that hits of actual grass and utilze a real tee.  seems with the spongy green mat I cant seem to hit the ball very well.  using your video regarding irons I am having the same problem.  It seems to be losing distance while hitting off the mats.  Any advice?

Tomas Linneus says:

Hi Danny
What i meant was that i flip the hands that creates inconsistency in results. Normaly quick hooks but also block offs./Tomas

Skickat från min iPhone

Steve Polverini says:

Thank you. A very simple way to explain what we should be doing. One teacher told me the torso should only be turning 1-3 mph through the swing as well.

Tomas Linneus says:

Hi Danny. Thanks for a good video. I have problems with hand movement in the driver sving. Can you give me an advice how to eliminate the hand movement that cause lack of consistency. /Tomas

Sanjay Verma says:

Thanks. This is a fantastic video. Yes it does feel constricted initially. But After some practice I actually landed up hitting my drives longer than before.

Can I use the same technique for the irons too? That is, swing from the torso, and keep the arms inactive?

Thanks again Danny.

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