How to Improve Your Golf Game: The 40-60 Rule

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How to Improve Your Golf Game: The 40-60 Rule (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor Clay Ballard)

In this video, Clay Ballard discusses one of the toughest mental hurtles in Golf which is being uncomfortable while you practice. We will go over the 40-60 Rule with you, so that you can make the most out of each and every practice session.

A lot of times when we are practicing new swing motions it is very uncomfortable, but we have to stop and realize, it is okay to be uncomfortable. Everyone gets uncomfortable practicing a new swing motion, yes even the Pros! Now one thing that will help you with this, is the 40-60 Rule. What this means is you want to be in that zone where you are having both successful and unsuccessful practice 40-60% of the time. This means you need to set realistic goals that you will meet 40-60% of the time.

In this video Clay Ballard better explains this 40-60 Rule and how to improve your golf game. We have also attached a link and short preview of our premium video “Lag Builder” at the end of this video. Good luck on your golf game!

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“How to Improve Your Golf Game : The 40-60 Rule”

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Roy Gilley says:

Thanks, Clay! After many years of frustration, I finally learned that the
right arm sequence on the down swing is to first straighten the right arm.
Then, when the hands are in front of the right thigh, release the right
wrist cock. All thanks to your videos! Golf Instruction says:
Pierre Beaudoin says:

Thank you to remember how to learn…very helpful!

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