How to Improve YOUR Golf Game

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How to Improve YOUR Golf Game
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Rick delivers straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of his viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

15 thoughts on “How to Improve YOUR Golf Game

  1. think we all have our little methods – i keep all my score cards, they dont
    look like anybody else’s scorecards, they are covered in ticks and strange
    numbers, I let the other ladies keep my score for their team games – I am
    not interested in the score or handicap, that will get better with practice
    and has in fact got better over the summer, I have dropped 30 shots – I am
    interested in my ticks – I set myself several impossible targets so that i
    have to extend myself all the time to reach them – my main target is the
    number of bogies or better, target is 50% (still well short of that) but, i
    set other things too like shots to green, puts and number of really
    difficult shots achieved (scuffing a chip along the ground from the rough
    into the hole doesnt get a tick, it has to launch) – if i get a good score
    with low ticks, that for me is a bad game – i dont really play against the
    other ladies, I play against my targets ;-)

  2. I did exactly that this year at the half mark and dropped 15 strokes on
    average and had a 10 over round as a highlight. My putting was so bad a
    three putt was good early on and now I consistently two putt with a handful
    of up and downs every time out. My chipping was poor most of the season
    which probably added at least 5 strokes per but my main flaw was GIR which
    was 20 plus most days and what was worst was that I hardly ever made them
    on par threes and had far to many boggs as a result. Game Golf is going to
    be utilized next year and I’m sure that will really help with the big
    picture. Coaching and course management are every bit as crucial to
    improvement as technique.

  3. Great video +RickShielsPGAGolf I’m getting myself GAME Golf, as I think the
    stats will be vital to help me improve. Need to get some lessons booked in
    too, but really focused on getting a lot better over the winter, so I can
    hit the summer running.

  4. Excellent and practical video. First session with a local professional
    tomorrow as I try to break the 12/13 handicap barrier that I have had for
    over 25 years! Why do I always practice my long game when clearly it is 100
    yards in where I should be able to make some rapid improvement! Comment
    about equipment is also v true, I hit the ball much further with today’s
    equipment but my score range hasn’t really improved! Conclusion, lessons
    and concentrate on improving short game! 

  5. I’m a Rick Shiels convert!! Great videos which are not just informative but
    also (usually) very entertaining. I was very interested in the Srixon Z545
    driver that you tested a few weeks ago at their facility, I wonder if you
    could repeat it at the Trafford to see if you can again achieve what looked
    like remarkable results. Keep it up.

  6. Good video, can you do a video showing some practice drills to do at home.
    I often work 12 hour shifts and my local practice facility closes before I
    get home so being able to do different things at home will definitely
    benefit my game. 

  7. Genious!
    Possibly THE best of advice you’ve given out in a vlog buddy.
    It’s blindingly obvious, but one nobody ever seems to do. Me included!

  8. Good Vid. Back to the basics. Your advices actually work for golf but also
    for any sport or any king of activity. Very simple, but so few us really
    practice on our weaknesses. I spend so many time chipping (my stenght)
    instead of working on my swing (long irons are my weakness)…

  9. I started playing September 2013, my first 18 took me 124shots. 14months
    later I’m consistently finishing at 91-92. Currently struggling with short
    game 50-10yards in I tend to through away loads of shots in this area. Any
    advise? I want to get down to high 70’s by September 2015

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