How to improve your Impact postion in 1 swing with Bobby Lopez, PGA Shaft Lean!

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Bobby Lopez, PGA and I were about to go play golf and he asked to have a look at my swing. He liked it a lot but saw me doing something weird in the first part of the takeaway he thought was affecting my impact.

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What are you guys working on? What topics would you like to see videos about?

Brett Karst says:

That was a huge game changer for him.

Joe Hernandez says:

Brendan, if keeping the head back creates shaft lean, are you now practicing that together with the drills that Bertie and Monty suggested to work in shaft lean? Which one do you think works best?

SEM MES says:

you have literally no width in your back swing your right arm fold instantly then you chop down on the ball way over the top….you need to get some back swing width

Alfred Adrian,Jr. says:

awesome impact position improvement

Hack To Scratch Golf says:

If working right now on getting some more lean at impact and not releasing as early

e james says:

ok, now I see what bobby is saying. You're trying to keep the ball in view with your right eye. Like duvall and there's an aussie pro that does it also…….actually, I'm amazed you're were able to adjust to such a big change, on your very first swing.

Injured TableTennisPlayer says:

Have seen Bobby for years. Classic act…love him.

Kevin Johnson says:

I started doing this a couple of weeks ago when I noticed my right eye was trying to look where the ball had gone before I hit it, small world

Methodic L says:

So basically look at ball with your left eye.

Mark Emmett says:

Brendon, this is exactly what I saw and sent you an email about. Have you forgotten this, abandoned it, rejected it, can't do it? (I'm not trying to be critical here. It seems like this one bad move you — still — make is key to everything.)

Ben Chappell says:

My dad pointed out that I do the same thing! Thanks for posting!

Billy Graham says:

Be Better Go Getter — with all this "pro" help you should be a "pro" by now. Are you?

P.S. You looked pretty good after you got warm — in the "after" shot you had better body position (though still not perfect) and, equally importantly, you had good lag, used the forearms and hands (covering the ball), and turned from the hips and left shoulder nicely, with head stable as a center of rotation. (Very much a "casting" motion in the "before" view.)

stackleft says:

This is a great instructor. He makes it simple.

Chris Raymond says:

Just binge watched this whole series with Bobby. The videos were great and I love his teaching style.

e james says:

So you've completely abandoned your efforts to fix your disconnected takeaway? I thought lopez was gonna point you back in that direction but he went off on some tangent about your head. Look, you gotta fix that takeaway. Like arnie once said, the first 2 feet back sets you up for success or failure.

Greg Doke says:

Dude sounds just like Lee Trevino

6string - Dave says:

for some great instruction check out Bradley Hughes golf. He's got great stuff. A little different perspective than most instructors.

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