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Want more power and distance? Check out this revisit of one of our most popular videos of all time!


Greasby1golf says:

Fantastic hand speed

Fifi L. says:

Omg! Amazing teacher

Tony Reiner says:

Shawn thank you for doing these videos. Your swing is so pretty. Some day I want to grow up to be like you. 🙂 God Bless!

Sean Harrell says:

Great lesson Shawn! I can't wait to get to the range.)

swagcity says:

Best teacher on youtube. If i was in canada id visit you no question

graham jones says:

Are you a left hander playing right

fmlydocdk says:

Great video- watched it daily for the last 5 days snd yesterday I had the best ball striking of my fairway metals in the last five years. Loved seeing the 1 iron – brought back memories of a MacGregor 1 iron that was fantastic ( in my MUCH younger days ). Thanks – keep up the good work .

Kimberly Katzakis says:

Hmmm is Shawn playing Ping Equipment?


I've watched and taken your swing advice for a solid year. Your metaphorical style of teaching just clicks in a way that has made golf a pleasure for me to play again. I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!

Kr0pD says:

Just love this guy

Bret Hill says:

Shawn, well timed video for a little problem I've been struggling with lately. I recently did make a nice breakthrough on the range thinking about a combination of throwing a kettle bell, or medicine ball, towards the target while keeping the club in the center of my body back and through. This allowed me to give the "arm-club-unit" up to gravity more than I had been and produced some positive results – much straighter shots with decent distance. The problem, however, is that I occasionally feel the need to pull my arms in closer to the body, for stability perhaps? Anyhow, thinking about your "ball on a string" analogy and keeping it "Bubba wide" should free me up even more. Thanks!

Big Rev says:

the simplicity and all the explanation of the swing and pressure ,then the grip you demonstrate so completely with the hammer and golf ball. thank you.

Kevin Hartman says:

You mentioned this is video 3, where can I find video 2? I must've missed it somewhere.

guillaume CONDE says:

hi shawn, thanks for this vids. so i agree with you to "capture the bird and don't let him go away" ; a solid grip is the key to a perfect impact.
BRAVO for the 1 iron and drivers shot, what a shot !!!
Have a nice christhmas, JOYEUX NOEL MONSIEUR CLEMENT 😆😆😆

Ville Luoto says:

Great video again to share all of my fb friends! Thanks. One question: if I try to keep my swing effortless, where do I know when it is shot with too much power and when it's shot with effortless and maximised smashfactor? Where I draw the line?

Brian Barr says:

tangential speed of a point on a circle = radius of circle * angular velocity (v=rw). The larger the circle (r), the faster the speed of the club head (v) at a given swing speed (w).

Dave Zahara says:

Top notch video!

Andy Sullivan says:

driver from the deck now that's impressive

Rhize says:

Great video. Very easy to understand.

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