How to make a FULL SWING with Bobby Lopez, PGA

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jaxortjackie05 says:

On one of Bobby's other videos he talks about steepening your shoulder plane in the downswing. That helped me get rid of the club quicker. If you don't steepen your shoulder plane, the arms won't be on plane and neither will the club. Then your only first move is to slide something, or everything, offsides. So drop your arms for sure, but steepening the shoulder plane through makes it a heck of a lot easier.

Icecoldone4me says:

What is this….oh my

jin hue says:

If you want to be good take another lesson with Bobby Lopez. After 6 year of searching the web and pros to get better nothing worked. But Bobby's video has made me go from shooting 90 to be 120 down to hitting even par consistently after just 2 video from bobby. I can tell you don't fully understand what is trying to teach you .

salad5469 says:

the more i watch your video the more i understand how it is important to really understand what a good instructor is trying to tell you about the right concepts of the golf swing. we cannot improve without understanding what the golf swing is really about.

salad5469 says:

GOOD ON Bobby he pointed to exactly what your problem with bw was..

Stefan Pete says:

I usually have quite thin shots when I do this drill. Trouble to get low point correct, I guess a lot of drilling required.

neoone75 says:

I've been following your channel about 2 years now. I have to say you hit the best shots after you had Malaska's lessons. I'm happy I found his channel via your channel. It was the game changer. I have never hit a ball so far so easily so consistently.

Jay H says:

Ball on a string BEST video arms in front it's the only way to be free of any manipulation SHAWN Clement teaches this type of swing but with more wait on the front leg so you don't have to push your hips forward just swing to a target and that's it great vid

Kenneth J says:

Been following your channel for some time – and these are the best technical swings you have ever made!

bird dog 2020 says:

You have to get set up with a swing thought that correctly anticipates your swing plane.If your thinking flat and you go high hands your tempo suffers
Stick with on swing coach or you will go nuts.many of these guys say things that contradict each other.there is more than one right way to get good results

Jason Sechrist says:

I had a problem with hitting it fat, my body started compensation by stalling the hands and the club head would pass my hands. Well I got some advice from a coach that told me to hit down more, and I was like what I'm already hitting it fat. He showed me what I was doing and said I needed to hit down and through and my mind would automatically tell my hands to raise a little bit to allow the club to pass through. So I try to visualize hitting down sharply kinda like Bobby was saying ringing the bell, and also getting my left shoulder to cover the ball and then swing down aggressively towards the ball. It works I've been hitting it dead straight and can now hit a cut which used to be impossible for me.

Richard McNeil says:

i was watching golf channel and found Brooke Henderson is swinging in line with what Bobby teaches, pulling down and inverting shoulders and letting go of the body.

Nick says:

i tried this 2 o clock drill looking at 2 o clock and not the ball was hitting it so pure but feels so wrong

Irvin Lee says:

It seems your left arm is disconnecting from your chest on the takeaway. my instructors taught me to keep the left bicep pinned against the chest all the way to the top. result would be a more synchronized, tighter, and consistent swing. there should be no "window" between the chest and left bicep for you to see through from the dtl point of view. just a suggestion lol, i know you prob get many from "experts"

rpdivots says:

At 5:34.' as you probably know Brandon(?), you show us your usual swing trigger; you drop your hands/ the handle before your start your swing. At 7:18 you dont do this. That was a good swing! And is/was THE best swing youve made so far in all the videos I have seen from you.

Kevin Sheriff says:

Bio mechanics vs swing model at work

David Tesoro says:

Your main problem in my opinion is that you are losing your spine angle slightly at the top of your swing.
Work on shorten the swing a bit and keep your spine angle throughout the swing.

Paul Malone says:

Your right arm swing looks much better.

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