How to Make a Super Smooth Takeaway

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A great golf swing needs a trigger – something to get the backswing going without tension or hitches. My 3 very specific keys will help you draw the club back more smoothly for more solid contact and consistent timing.

When done correctly, this starting motion also naturally sets the weight shift and optimal swing plane.

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donlemastus says:

Always super well presented. His great swing backs it up. Thanks.

Thomas Fraser says:

Hi Steve. To say the least your forward press is very subtle and precise. I also appreciate the way you feel the weight of the club head. As for me the various forward pressing style that you and many other golfer perform does not seem to work and in fact throws me off my timing

To loosen up; feel the weight of the club head; and to assure myself that I do not have a death grip on the handle I like to do Jack Nicklaus method of what I call ' the twirl waggle ' whereby you see Jack twirling the club head in front of him in a subtle manner and then he swings the club head back and forth in line to the direction of his target. I then assume my position and aim the club head to my target that may be a piece of grass in front of me in line to my target

I personally like Ben Hogan take of the 'one piece take away' much as you show in you backswing starting with the hands harms shoulders and so forth. However I also like to pre place my elbows loosely pointing to my hips as well as having my knees slightly pointing inward towards center of my body at set up.

On the takeaway I focus primarily on pointing my lead elbow towards my lead hip and as my body begins to pivot on my trail side I maintain by lead elbow pointing down on the ground. This one action automatically allows the proper cupping oh the lead hand and the correct dorsiflexing of my trail hand at the top of my swing. Then as Ben Hogan states; my hips and my knees propels my arms to the finish of my swing. Hope I made myself clear enough. Cheers

E. G. Flores says:

One hell of a great swing!

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