How to Perfect Your Golf Swing Indoors During the Winter – Lesson 8

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G L says:

Indoors during the winter.

Step one. Get a million dollar house with high ceilings.

Step two. Get a 20,000$ flight monitor.

Step three. Try not to kill anyone in the kitchen.

Step four. Repeat step 3.

Douglas White says:

Another excellent job by the best golf guru (not putter :D) in the business. Thanks for sharing these with us Chuck. I hope that everyone finds these as helpful as I do.

Alan Waggoner says:

Another gem. I've done the "stand up straight, elevation, flexion, posture, turn to the top drill a LOT. But to see it done incorrectly, then fixed helped me. It gives more insight to it. Thanks Chuck! Keep them coming, great lessons for all of us. Headed west yet?

pokerlife123 says:

What a weird feeling using this back-swing . On the start of the downswing i feel like my arms are way up in the air and i have to wait on them to start to fall back down. Feel like less shoulder turn and more of a lifting and dropping of arms if that makes scene

JGally says:

THANK YOU so much! You are blessing all of us rotary golfers who learn from your system!!

Stephen Bozzone says:

Chuck, I’m really enjoying this series. It’s helpful to see the instruction in action with your students. I have a similar fault with over-rotating my hips on the backswing. I would like to see a video dedicated to quieting the lower body on the downswing.

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