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I played El Dorado park Golf Course the other day. Working on a few new things. I was playing very nicely but I recently started to revert back to some old habits and get a little sloppy with my golf swing. I started off playing pretty well but played a few key opportunity shots poorly.

Then I started getting hungry but ever since they hired a new bartender at the turn, about 50 guys were hanging around the bar trying to talk to her so I couldn't get her attention to get me a ready made sandwich. I waited too long to eat and started getting “the blahs”

Didn't finish well.

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Amore M says:

I was able to shot a Seventy-three right after doing the drill I have learned from reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). Another achievement I have made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. I also almost hit the green with a distance of Five to ten yards on the other 5 holes. Since Nine is my handicap, I rarely shoot 73s. It has been actually a long time since I made an excellent round.

Grizzly Bear says:

Im 13. I started golfing a year ago and ive gotten pretty good at ot but im no where near perfect, alot of people think its a boring sport but its actually pretty fun! Im no where near your skill but I would work on putting, your chipping is spot on. I saw you dont use a tee when your driving, was that on purpose?

Matt .Green says:

You played fine-just made almost nothing. Could have had a much lower score.

Flamin R&B says:

The greens look pretty damn bumpy

Summer Powell says:

I have to play 18 holes to day for the first time! I don't want to do it!!

Travis Long says:

1st tee bars

noonster55 says:

Good Jerky, almonds, water mixed with gatorade. Can't go wrong with peanut butter & jelly. I like to toast my bread, keeps it from getting soggy. Slice some bananas into the sandwich.

simontremblay21 says:

I like the way its edited in 8 minutes, quick and simple

Nick B says:

Gatorade and trail mix

Robbie White says:

Just finished the front…
4 out 7 FWs hit
2 out of 9 GIR.

Five Average Savages says:

Aka ward lookin swing

Jason Vasquez says:

Hey Be Better Golf,
Too handsy, and your head wanders, you want to use your bigger muscles first, and keep the head STILL.. Legs, hips, then back. NO ARMS or WRIST. Also with chipping, look up BEEF Johnson, in regards to chipping. I live in SoCal, and am friends with Christo, so let me know if you guys want to get together.

lvgolfgrind says:

Beef Jerky always puts a little more 'pep' in my step! I feel the protein from the meat and the hydration of water keeps me well balanced with energy and an effective way to cure the 'Case of the Blahs' at the turn, especially here in hot AF Las Vegas! Keep up the great videos, love them.

Ryan Molina says:

this guy just sliced it , but his next shot is in the center of fairway? and he made a par too lmfao

Golf Buddy says:

Playing with poor players makes it tough to play your best

Jackson Welch says:

very risty swing. I do the same thing haha

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