How To Play Bunker Shots – 3 Key Tips

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In this weeks training Danny Maude reveals three simple things you can do to begin striking your bunker shots much better.

If you want to know why you keep struggling to get the ball out of the bunker Danny reveals two of the most common faults and gives you three exercises you can practice today to make bunker play sooooo much easier.

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chieftain watson says:

I'm subscribed!!!

glenn morris says:

Good stuff as always Danny! Anxiously awaiting spring to put all of this to work. Cheer's.

David Mazzella says:

My problem is that I consistently pick the ball clean and hit it over the green. I can’t seem to focus a few inches behind the ball. Help!

Steve Coffman says:

When you say hit the shot on the back third of the sand wedge wouldn’t you shank it ?

Njeri Mwangi says:

I have thoroughly enjoyed this far the best i have are a super instructor!! Kindly advise how wide the stance ought to be when hitting the ball out of the bunker…Thanks

pendo dave says:

Bit of a late review…
But this is the most useful bunker vid on YouTube. And I've watched and tried a lot…

Beachvilla Sungai Raja says:

How to deal with bunkers with “hard” sand?

Hardeep Singh says:

Great explanation!!

Julian Davis says:

Very helpful thanks. One question – when the sand is firm and hard is it the same technique?


Hi Danny, thanks for the easy to follow vids, “getting out of bunkers “ I have found many times that there is no sand in the bunkers or that they are solid where they haven’t ever been raked, or compact after rain! Is there any other technique that could be used to get out of these tight lies?

Jimmy Kavanagh says:

Danny thanks a million for this video, you are by far and away the best instructor on youtube and the easiest to understand. I struggle a lot when I am in a bunker but now I understand it better as I am one of those people who lean back and quit on my shot.

I have the open club face and the ball forward in my stance but totally decelerate on it.

May I ask you what degree club is best to use in an average bunker……say like the one you are in now…….ive a 54° wedge and a 58° one and they both have the same bounce on them.

swardmusic says:

5:04 ok im listening im listening!!! ??

gooddrills217 says:

Thanks pro, very detail explanation and easy to understand

Andrew Duncan says:

Not a problem it's great to have videos which help solve problems without it being to complicated thank you again

Andrew Duncan says:

Brilliant video

robert quick says:

Danny how do you advise varying the distance of the shot out of a bunker?

Sophia Terry says:

May I ask when address the ball should my head keep to the right side of my club face……Like driver…Thank you.

John Rice says:

Best Coach of all! Thank you for all your videos.

u2b4laz says:

Danny, you're remarkable. I started playing golf in my early 50s and even after 8 years have done little to whittle down my handicap. Most Youtube videos promise quick fixes to everything but never delivered for me… until I found your series. Your explanations are so simple and logical. They are easy to practice and your suggested drills are very practical. You typically give just a few critical things to think about in your drills. There is often too much to think about in golf but you break it down brilliantly.

This one on bunkers was so on the mark that I had to send you my thanks. I cant believe how much I improved. Much Appreciated!

jeff guzzetta says:

Thanks Danny! Just watched your chipping from a bad lie and followed up with your bunker video. Great info and strategies for me to practice and employ. I’m a high handicapper (shoot between 95-103 typically and hoping to be regularly in the mid to low 90’s.
Your teaching technique is AWESOME! So many instructors on YouTube dilly dally for do long that one loses interest! You don’t talk down to us “regular guys” and get to the point and show us the shot! Thanks again Danny- I look forward to watching many more of your YouTube lessons!!!

Mark Schofield says:

Hi Danny, thanks for another great video. Could you explain the best method for varying the length of your bunker shots please. Cheers Mark P.s keep up the great work!

Roy Farley says:

I'll try it

Pierre Joubert says:

Great video. Thank you…really very helpful! I did not read all the comments below so I hope I am not repeating a question. Which club is the best for a bunker like you are demonstrating. I battle to understand if I should use the 48deg or even maybe the 60deg. I am worried to hit it over the green.

Guy Picone says:

Danny, most instructional videos are performed in pristine bunkers. The problem I have with bunkers are those that are hard, with little sand so you are almost hitting off a hard pan surface. Does this change the method at all?

Terry Benson says:

G'day Danny, I found your lesson series by watching 'Yes, Minister" subject of Brexit. In relation to your bunker instruction: just what I needed! Years ago, I read about imagining a string attached to the bottom of the ball going into the ground underneath, the message was "try to cut the string". Which is an incomplete piece of information, your instruction is more useful. I also like your Hitting the driver and comparing chipping to pitching, all good stuff. Congratulations on being a good communicator and demonstrator.

Alan West says:

Danny, great training vids. However, if the lofted club is going to provide bounce naturally, I didn't get why you open the face. Won't the club do it anyway?

Linda Mcdonald says:

The sand you are using is quite sparse should the shot be played the same way for really deep heavy sand. Over all your videos

John H says:

Absolutely brilliant Danny. I learn something new each time I watch and re-watch your great videos. Thanks so much!

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