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MEET FAIRWAY FINDER OLD MAN PAT 76 YRS OLD OFF 9 (says his twenty year old girl friend)

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LEAVE YOUR NAME AND WHERE YOU PLAY FOR A SHOUT OUT… PLUS GET ON THE TURD WALL OR EVEN BETTER THE COOL WALL “When a player can get the center of mass of the golf club under the hand path, they’re able to achieve a more ‘passive’ squaring of the face of the club.”– Dr. Sasho MacKenzie Professor, PhD Sports Biomechanics Stated another way, Sasho is saying that the more vertical your golf club gets, the more active your hands have to be to square the face.

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blacklabeltattoos says:

i think you need to do a OMP and Dick Blooper reel Great to see OMP do the blue gear hahaha

Michael Davis says:

Would it be asking to much if I could get a golf ball sign by OMP?

Rod Kelly says:

What a pleasure it is to watch you guys cheers

Hu ss says:

Rickey from new York queens here forget his age he hits his woods better than most other players. God bless omp

Tudor Williams says:

I thought so, it shows in his relaxed swing and right elbow tucked in.

Tudor Williams says:

How low has OMP been in the handicap stakes. Excellent player now! 82. Year old admirer.

Charles Curry says:

7 handicap? LOL

Geoff Parrott says:

What a great school to play in good golf and Great company ?

Sean Tobin says:

Pat the Eagle. Lol

Gator Golf USA says:

Love it ?

colin glen says:

really enjoyed that. nice to see Dick crack a smile on the last green.: )

Ardell Burnell says:

Short like his willie lololol

Paul Smith says:

Pat just want to say your awesome for a 76 year old golfer .keep it on the fairway ??

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