How To PLAY GOLF – The BASICS | Me and My Golf

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Continue the rest of our Golf Basics series completely FREE here??‍♂️⛳️?

In this weeks Impact Show, we give you week one of our brand new FREE coaching plan How To Play Golf – The Basics! This plan is ideal for all golf beginners and for any experienced golfers who would like to improve their golf swing, where they will be provided with the best golf tips and get back down to the basics of golf! In the first week we will guide you through: the grip, ball position and stance as we begin to show you the perfect golf set up. We also run you through two golfing myths and concepts that will help improve your back swing, through swing and the impact you make with the golf ball.

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kevin mcarthur says:

Well done guys ,this is going to be the best golf series on YouTube —if you don’t start with good foundations ,everything is going to fall at one time

James Downes says:

Info boxes are too distracting

l3` says:

Where's the next video?

Edwin Basiime says:

I think I need someone to donate these materials to me…?? I feel like that’s going to be my excuse forever

Charles Fennell says:

I really hope I'm not the only one who came here because of Mario Golf.

The Doh Bros says:

BlessYouTrustGod, Give Your life to Jesus.??✝️✝️

flipwait says:

The awful mountain conversly point because trip holoprosencephaly stare amidst a right produce. languid, gifted beach

Damian Keyes says:

Played golf for the first time yesterday and of course was awful but had a lot of fun. This channel is a huge help and so well explained. Thank you!

Swag Live says:

How Cal I join

Rhylee Sailors says:

I’m literally only here because a guy asked me out on a date to go golfing and I wanna be prepared lmao pray for me!

Katelyn Fox says:

Niall Horan….your lucky I love yoy

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Barbara James says:

Golf is the most popular and richest sports played  by old people the sports is popular in the United States.

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